Daily Grind 4/11/2017

Daily Grind- Tuesday, 4/11/2017

4am wake up- 7 day streak

A Block

  • Affirmations 2x through
  • 24-hour visualization technique
  • 8-min meditation

B Block

1 hour of client acquisition from 5-6am

Guest taught at school

C Block

D Block

Coached a lacrosse game

PD Block


Week 4, Day 2 of 4-week cycle

“Explosives” Day 4 of 4

Hang Power Clean EMOM x 3 reps

  • 165# x 7 rounds


  • Hack Squat (3×4) with 130# resistance SS with dumbbell step-ups w/ 25# KB swing (3×6)
  • Incline DB Bench (3×4) 65# dumbbells ss with explosive DB rows 65# (3×6)

Final burner superset:

  • Speed sumo-deadlifts 165# x8
  • Clap push-ups 11, 9, 8
  • Rotational med ball shots x 8

3 rounds through, 60-second rest between sets


  • General: I got most of my work done this morning before 7am and decided to go back to sleep for an hour. I’ve been substitute teaching in my home district before I move back to Colorado, so I made a few extra bucks doing that during the day.
  • Nutrition: Okay. Had soft serve but meals were solid
  • Body: Knee still feeling a bit weird. Forgot to mention I tweaked my wrist last Friday but that’s feeling better.
  • Mind: The affirmations and meditation are making a huge difference in my personality and attitude throughout the day.
  • Sleep: 6.5 hours + 1 hour of early AM sleep

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