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Daily Grind 4/12/2017

Post Series: daily grind

Daily Grind- Wednesday, 4/12/2017

4am wake up-8 day streak

A Block

  • Affirmations 2x through
  • 24-hour visualization technique
  • 8-min meditation

B Block

  • 2 hour of client acquisition from 5-7am
  • 2 client calls (1 hour each)

C Block

  • Sent out email to all podcast guests on The Coach K Show Spoon-Fed resource
  • Edited and enhanced SEO for 5 podcast posts

D Block

Lacrosse practice

PD Block

  • French practice 103xp on DuoLingo– 85-day streak


Rest day

45-minute walk


  • General: Really strong biz-dev work today. Connected with a lot of new people after another post went viral on Goalcast. At one point, realized I went to the Red Sox game tonight and am typing this late so the 4am streak will end tomorrow morning.
  • Nutrition: Good but ate ball park food at dinner.
  • Body: Feel good but needed a rest day today
  • Mind: The biggest thing I’m noticing recently is the consistent energy throughout the day. Even with an early morning wake up, my brain is functioning at a high level until I shut down for the night.
  • Sleep: 7 hours


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