Weekend Flow 4/15-4/16

Weekend Flow- Saturday/Sunday-  4/15-4/16/2017

Woke up around 8am on Saturday, stayed up late on

A Block

No morning routines

Sunday evening routine complete in about 2.5 hours

  • Laundry
  • Meal prep Mon-Thurs
  • ABCDPD plug and play scheduling for week
  • Notecards done for morning routine

B Block

Spent 1-hour on Sunday afternoon answering client emails and sending out invoices for next 2 weeks of coaching

C Block

Reposted article on Goalcast – got 3k shares

D Block

PD Block

Started reading Right Away and All At Once

French practice 20xp total on DuoLingo– 88 and 88-day streak

  • 183xp for the week total


2 30-minute walks


  • General: went up to Keene State University to hang out with some old friends and watch lacrosse. Had a great time catching up and spent Easter with the family. Still generally got my work done.
  • Nutrition: could’ve been better, was all over the place.
  • Body: feeling good. Done with phase 1 of my new training.
  • Mind: okay, did not meditate.
  • Sleep: good Friday and poor on Saturday

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