Daily Grind 4/5/2017

Wednesday, 4/5/2017

4am wake up

A Block

  • Affirmations 1x through
  • 24-hour visualization technique

B Block

  • 1 1-hour client call

C Block

  • 3 hours website building- focus for the day

D Block

No work today.

PD Block

  • French practice 10xp on DuoLingo– 78-day streak


Rest Day


  • General: Focus all week has been on getting the website caught up, and it’s almost done. I’m behind on biz dev for the week and likely will punt on 3rd down and start fresh next week with it.
  • Nutrition: Overate for a rest day. No caffeine day 2 after some major heart palpitations hit me on Tuesday. I’ve had them in the past from other issues, but coffee just isn’t agreeing with me right now. Good time to stop drinking it.
  • Body: Traps and arms sore from Tuesday. The explosive training I’ve added into my routine this month has had many positive benefits, but my body is still adapting to it.
  • Mind: Good.
  • Sleep: 4 hours + 2-hour nap. Stayed up late on Tuesday but still wanted to get up to keep momentum with the morning routine thing strong.



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