Daily Grind 4/6/2017

Thursday, 4/6/2017

4am wake up- 4 day streak

A Block

Affirmations 1x through

24-hour visualization technique

B Block

Scheduled 2 discovery calls

Mapped out content for remainder of April

C Block

2 hours website building- focus for the day*

D Block


PD Block

French practice 20xp on DuoLingo– 79-day streak

Scheduled business mentorship call for Monday


Week 3, Day 3 of 4-week cycle

Back Squat

5×295# super setted w/ 40lb KB swings (1:1 work/rest)

7 rounds completed

Bench Press

5×190# super setted w/ 8lb medicine ball slams (1:1) work/rest

7 rounds completed

Accessory: Barbell curls, 3x10x65#


  • General: This week has been really strong in a lot of ways. Other than being behind on podcast interviews and researching guests, I’ve had a lot of wins.
  • Nutrition: Overall good. Had ice cream last night but rest of the day was solid.
  • Body: Felt great coming off the rest day. The program I’m doing has better balance than any program in recent memory. I always show up to training off a rest day feeling recovered and ready to hit a good one.
  • Mind: The early wakeups are strengthening my mindset. I usually fall victim to nothing’s-ever-enough syndrome, but have been able to shake that in the later hours of the day by remembering everything I already did that morning.
  • Sleep: 7 hours. 4am wake up was much easier.



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