Daily Grind 4/7/2017

Thursday, 4/7/2017

4am wake up- 5-day streak

A Block

Affirmations 1x through

24-hour visualization technique

B Block

No calls

C Block

Putting the finishing touches on the website- published 2017 Goals, Blocks Explained, and started Legacy Goals

Wrote an article for Soulspring

D Block


PD Block

French practice 10xp on DuoLingo– 80-day streak


Week 3, Day 4 of 4-week cycle

Barbell warmup: 10x deadlift, shrug, hang power clean, front squat, press, back squat, overhead squat


30:30 x 6 exercises, 1-minute rest at end of round

3 rounds

  • Trap bar deadlift, 225# (15,14,13)
  • Double KB Overhead Press, 40# (15, 12, 9)
  • Rear leg elevated split squat R, #25 (15, 15, 15)
  • Rear leg elevated split squat L, #25 (15, 15, 15)
  • Push-ups (26, 25, 25)
  • Double KB Bent Rows, #40 (20, 15, 15)


  • General: I taught yesterday and had a lacrosse game to coach, so did not do a ton. Felt good to write an article for the first time in a while, which is something I’ll be doing a lot more of in the coming months.
  • Nutrition: Okay
  • Body: Was smoked when I woke up and got more tired throughout the day being on my feet all day.
  • Mind: Good. I’m going to add morning meditation to my routine in the coming weeks. Meditation is something I feel I should be doing but often skip.
  • Sleep: 6 hours



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