Weekend Flow 4/8-4/9

Weekend Flow- Saturday/Sunday-  4/8-4/9/2017

Woke up around 8am both days but was wide awake at 4:30am because of my 5-day streak

A Block

No morning routines

Sunday evening routine complete in about 2.5 hours

  • Laundry
  • Meal prep Mon-Thurs
  • ABCDPD plug and play scheduling for week
  • Notecards done for morning routine

B Block

Spent 1-hour on Sunday afternoon answering client emails and sending out invoices for next 2 weeks of coaching

C Block

Reposted article on Goalcast – got 3k shares

D Block


PD Block

French practice 20xp total on DuoLingo– 81 and 82-day streak


2 hour hike at Mt Pisgah in Northborough, MA



  • General: Overall a nice weekend. Saturday I coached a lacrosse game that we won easily and spent time with the team beforehand. The hike on Sunday was relaxing. Still got a lot done re: business and routine on Sunday evening.
  • Nutrition: Saturday was not good. Sunday I ate clean and probably didn’t eat enough food.
  • Body: About 5 weeks ago, I decided to stop training like a CrossFit/competitive strength athlete. It was a scary decision as I’ve always found motivation to exercise from being competitive and the paradigm shift towards health was very new. So far, I’m finding my body is adjusting really well to the higher intensity and lower volume style of training, and that my workouts are the best they’ve been since summer 2016.
  • Mind: Good. I’m excited to start meditating this week.
  • Sleep: 8.5 hours both nights

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