Daily Grind 5/10/17

Daily Grind for Wednesday, 5/10/17

7:00am wake up

A Block

No morning routine

B Block

1 1-hour coaching client call

Spent 6 hours in New Hampshire moving things

C Block

New article published on Goalcast

Email marketing email

Reached out to 2 potential podcast interviewees for season 2

Spent 1 hour at Nu Cafe in Worcester, MA organizing membership website

D Block

No lacrosse

PD Block

  • French practice 10xp on DuoLingo– 112-day streak
    • Started German, 10xp


30-minute AM walk

Week 4, Day 3


Hang power clean 189×3, 7 sets, EMOM

Hack squat x 4 @ 120# resistance, explosive super setted w/ 35# KB step ups

Dumbbell push press x 4 @ 80# super setted w/ 80lb DB single arm rows

3 rounds

  • 185# SDL x 8
  • Clap push-ups 13, 13, 10
  • MB Chops


  • General: A pretty good day considering I spent 4 hours in the car driving to and from New Hampshire. I finally broke ground on a few components of The Coach K Show that I’ve been putsing around with, so if you’re following along, get ready for some cool stuff coming soon. Excited to start podcasting again and lining up great guests.
  • Nutrition: Good
  • Body: Felt pretty good but ready for a rest day
  • Mind: Good
  • Sleep: 7 hours

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