Daily Grind 5/31/17- Moved back to Denver, podcast interview, new coaching gig

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Daily Grind for Wednesday, 5/31/17

7:00am wake up

A Block

45-minute walk

B Block

1 client call

Shadowed a class at my new training facility- CrossFit Stapleton

C Block

Podcast interview with Matt Pendola of pendolatraining.com

Reached out to 5 potential podcast interviewees for season 2

D Block


PD Block

  • French practice 10xp on DuoLingo– 130-day streak
  • 10 pages of The 48 Laws of Power


3 rounds, 30:30 conditioning

  • Deadlift
  • KB Bench Press
  • Goblet Squat
  • Chin ups
  • Pushups
  • Bent KB Rows
  • RFE Split Squat R
  • RFE Split Squat L

Did not measure reps today as I’m sore and just wanted to move.


  • General: What a crazy couple of weeks. I drove 2150 miles from MA to CO with many of my belongings and am finally getting settled back into life here. Had a fantastic podcast call today that got me amped up for the new season of the show and a new focus.
  • Nutrition: Great
  • Body: My biceps are jacked up from doing “Murph” on Monday for Memorial Day. Other than that, pretty good. Felt surprisingly strong in the gym today.
  • Mind: Great.
  • Sleep: 7.5 hours

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