Weekend Flow 5/6-5/7

Woke up around 7am both days

A Block

No morning routines

Sunday evening routine complete in about 2.5 hours

  • Laundry
  • Meal prep Mon-Thurs
  • ABCDPD plug and play scheduling for week
  • Notecards done for morning routine

B Block

Coaching emails

C Block

Did some prep work for a new partnership with ChampionsID.com

D Block


PD Block

French practice 20xp total on DuoLingo– 108 and 109 day streak

173xp for the week, reached level 12


3 rounds of 30:30 45# KB workout on Saturday- numbers not listed

KB Front Squat, KB Press, Chinups, RFE SS R, RFE SS L, KB Thruster, Pushups, Bent rows

1 hour walk on Sunday


  • General: Fell off a cliff the past few weeks but am back to blogging. I’m moving back to Denver in 12 days and have been gearing up to leave along with the normal stress of business and life.
  • Nutrition: Good
  • Body: I added a 5th day of weights to my training program this week, which is a second 30:30 workout on Saturday. My body was trashed but I expect it to be better next week now that I’ve done it once.
  • Mind: All over the place.
  • Sleep: Okay

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