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Daily Grind 5/8/2017

Daily Grind for Monday, 5/8/17

7:00am wake up

A Block

  • Affirmations 2x through
  • Visualization
  • 8-minute meditation
  • Review of 1-page plan

B Block

1 1-hour coaching client call

30 minutes email correspondence for clients

C Block

New article published on Goalcast

D Block


PD Block

  • French practice 230xp on DuoLingo– 111-day streak
    • COMPLETED French Tree on DuoLingo!


30-minute AM walk

Week 4, Day 1

  • Back Squat 3x10x255#
  • Incline DB Bench Press 1x8x65#, 2x10x55#
  • RDL 3x10x155#
  • Chins 10, 8, 8


  • General: Pretty pumped that I finished the French tree on DuoLingo. I started learning French as a hobby while in Europe, realizing how hard it is to get around the world only speaking one language. It has become something I really enjoy doing and I’m stoked to have finished so quickly (relatively speaking).
  • Nutrition: Great, macros counted
  • Body: Feel pretty good today.
  • Mind: Tired
  • Sleep: 8 hours

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