Daily Grind 6/1/17- Podcast guest spot, backend of website, coaching kids

Post Series: daily grind

Daily Grind for Thursday, 6/1/17

7:00am wake up

A Block

45-minute walk

B Block

No client calls

Coached a CF kid’s class

C Block

  • 4.5 hours building the backend of HPHQ
  • Guest spot on Anthony Buscaglia’s podcast- 30 minutes

D Block


PD Block

  • French practice 10xp on DuoLingo– 131-day streak
  • 10 pages of The 48 Laws of Power


Back Squat

Worked up to 385×1 (not a PR, but heaviest single in a while)- felt fast

Deadlift wave loading, 9×5


Bench Press wave loading, 9×5



  • General: Backend of the site is coming along. If you’ve been following along, you see it’s different. Generally easy day of training today. Really have been experimenting recently with if I need a rest day or not, and the general consensus has been a resounding no. When I don’t push max weights, or stop after 1-2 heavy reps if I do, I typically recover much better than I used to. Still on a volume cycle that will end in the next few weeks.
  • Nutrition: Good
  • Body: Felt really fresh today.
  • Mind: Great
  • Sleep: 7.5 hours

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