Welcome to The Coach K Show.

I am Ben Kissam, ‘Coach K’, and I’m glad you’ve found this page.

I am a 26-year old writer & coach training to become a sport and performance psychologist.

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I’m endlessly fascinated by how people build relationships, make choices, get in their own way, flounder, and rise in the face of adversity.

The drive to understand and predict human behavior is a waterfall in my brain that never shuts off.

My writing mainly focuses on 3 topics: relationships, personal achievement, and “making it” in your chosen field/endeavor.

I write because it makes me better. I treat it as a daily discipline and enlist it as part of my morning routine.

In the time I’ve been writing online, I’ve built 2 businesses, published a bestselling book, ran 8 ultra-marathons, and backpacked Europe before leaving my first “real” job as a middle school teacher after college.

In 2018, I was named 1 of 100 of America’s Most Eligible Singles by Business Insider and I’ve been featured on publications like Westword, Elite Daily, Goalcast, and BoredTeachers.

For what it’s worth, I limit talking about personal achievements to my monthly goals reports.

Instead, I write about things related to human behavior that I haven’t found anywhere else. Some of those things are:

  • relationships-based coaching
  • high-performance psychology
  • sports & team dynamics
  • career advancement
  • entrepreneurship
  • manipulation & influence
  • being a great teacher
  • personal achievement
  • standing out
  • the path to mastery

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