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Ben Kissam’s April 2016 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s April 2016 Goals Report

Each month, I post a detailed review of the progress I have made in that particular month towards my 2016 goals.

For a quick recap and easy navigation of my April 2016 Goals Report, see the Wins/Losses/Fixes “cheat sheet” below. The italicized letter/number code next to each item is the 2016 goal that this action is most closely aligned to. (example: (ob5) = Goal #5 in the “Online Business” section of my goals)

Biggest Wins:

  • Beating the number of podcast downloads from the month of April with 1 less podcast released. (ob5)
  •  (p1-p6)
  • Put finishing touches on Three Six Thrive’s new interface after rebuilding the website from the ground up. (ob 1-6)
  • Took an impromptu weekend trip to San Francisco, CA. (pd1)

Biggest Losses:

  • Lack of overall consistency with getting up early for morning routine time (pd4)
  • Lack of food preparation and portion sizes resulted in me gaining at least 2lbs this month. (p7)
  • Not spending as much time reading or listening to new material as I would’ve liked. (p2)

Fixes For Next Month:

  • I hired an accountability coach for my business. Our first meeting is on Friday, 5/6. (ob 1-6)
  • Eating more consistently and making sure I have food prepped for 7 days out of the week as opposed to 5. (p1-6)

My “Big 3” Goals For Next Month:

  1. Cold e-mail 400 people during the month of May (an average of about 13 people per day)
  2. Finalize my “Goal Sabbatical” (name tentative) product by the end of the month- ready for release.
  3. The album artwork for my new podcast will exist, and I will have reached out to at least 10 people for interviews.


APRIL 2016