ABCDPD Blocks Explained

ABCDPD Blocks Explained

A Block = non-negotiable actions

A block consists of two parts: morning routine and #1 priority for that day.

The quick morning routine that I use helps me clarify what I’m doing that day and also get my mind right. My top priority for the day typically contributes to my legacy goals and is creative in nature.

A block is “fixed”, meaning it is scheduled every day. As a general rule, I won’t skip it in favor of spending time or energy in other blocks.

B Block = selling, biz-dev, personal coaching

The sole priority in B block is to generate income. If it’s not paying bills now or will add to my savings down the road the road, it doesn’t get scheduled here.

B block is also “fixed”, meaning it is scheduled every day. As a general rule, I won’t skip it in favor of putting time or energy into other blocks.

C Block = Content

Between writing and recording, content creation does take up a chunk of my time each week.

The amount of time spent varies by week as I outsource some of the workload, but when I’m putting stuff together for The Coach K Show, it goes in this block.

C block is not fixed.

D Block = Projects

Side projects go here. If it isn’t part of my routine, isn’t making money yet, or isn’t going live in the next month, it probably gets done during this block.

This is usually a small chunk of time each week.

PD Block = Personal Development and Growth

If it’s helping me get better at what I do, it goes in this block.

Auxiliary goals like learning a second language and reading 50 books are my priorities at the moment, but this changes from time to time.

Training = Daily Workout, Nutrition

Because exercise is an important part of my life, I also choose to include my training in the daily recap. You can read more about my goals and experience with training in my 2017 goals.


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