🎧EP16: How Pat Davidson Is Revolutionizing The Fitness Industry

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🎧EP16: How Pat Davidson Is Revolutionizing The Fitness Industry

I don’t think people do anything unless they have a reason. Necessity is the mother of invention.”


Dr. Pat Davidson’s area of expertise is in the performance side of exercise science. He is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and 3x World Championship competitor in the 175lb weight class in Strongman, and has also worked as a professor at Brooklyn College and Springfield College, respectively. He most recently worked for Peak Performance in NYC.

Pat created a program called ‘MASS’, a 16-week grueling training cycle that he originally built to put as much muscle mass on an 125lb athlete in 4 months as part of an experiment for Men’s Health.

After the client put on 19lbs of lean muscle in 16 weeks, Pat knew it was time to take action and release MASS to the world. Since then, hundreds of people have completed the program with astonishing results.

Coach K used Pat’s MASS program as his second Action Experiment of 2016. From May 9-August 26, he lost 16.5lbs and got noticeably bigger and stronger. You can read the entire report in Action Experiment #2, How I Lost 16.5lbs and Got Stronger With The MASS Protocol.

222.1 to 205.9lbs in 16 weeks

This episode covers more than an hour’s worth of content on Pat’s program MASS, which produces stimulating insights about mastery, grit, discipline, establishing a ‘why’, and achieving a goal that will require you to suffer.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The story of how Pat’s program, MASS, came to be.
  • Why Pat believes in some ways that the fitness industry is the biggest sham in the world.
  • Why Pat describes MASS as a “shotgun” blast.
  • How maintaining a sense of purpose and accomplishment are underrated qualities when achieving a goal.
  • Why creating a body of evidence will help you to achieve difficult goals or outcomes.
  • An in-depth discussion on why failure is necessary and how failing regularly can actually become an advantage.
  • How an individual’s coping strategy, such as complaining, is not an indicator of whether they will be successful over time.
  • Pat’s rationale for designing MASS in a way that builds habits while you work through the program.

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10014567_10202703188894680_8242992841251403706_nPat Davidson’s combination of grit, intelligence, and ‘student of the game’ mentality have helped him become a leader in the fitness world.

Are you interested in this program or speaking with him directly? Here’s how:

MASS- Rebel Performance

Pat’s Email

Pat Davidson on Facebook

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