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019: Self-Talk and Profiling for Maximizing Performance w/ Sport Psychologist Caren Diehl

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Sport psychology is the mental aspect of sports. How you feel on that day, how confident you are, and how well you are able to cope with the pressure of performing the best that you can.

Dr. Caren Diehl works for the National Institute of Sport in Malaysia as a sport psychologist. Her job is to prepare her athletes and elevate their mental game across three broad sports (tenpin bowling, springboard diving, and sailing) in preparation for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Caren discusses topics including fear of success and failure, pressure, the thresholds that an athlete can’t exceed if they want to perform to the best of their ability, motivational and instructional self-talk, and building relationships with athletes.

Whether or not you consider yourself an athlete, Caren’s wisdom proves that sport is a metaphor we can all apply to becoming ‘that’ person and achieving our goals.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What sport psychology is and how the metaphor of sport applies to achievement in other areas.
  • How fear of success is a real thing, and examples of how it applies in top level athletics.
  • How Caren helps athletes defeat a fear of success and failure.
  • How the power of focus paralyzes you from taking action.
  • How pressure can benefit or paralyze your ability to reach goals.
  • Effective communication between athletes and coaches.
  • How to determine your pressure threshold to optimize your performance.
  • The two types of self-talk: motivational and instructional.
  • How to guarantee that your self-talk will be positive.
  • The importance of “knowing your why”.

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