🎧EP21: The Growth and Pains of a New Entrepreneur w/ Alexis Teichmiller

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🎧EP21: The Growth and Pains of a New Entrepreneur w/ Alexis Teichmiller

“I want to have a heart of service, not a mindset of ego.”


Alexis Teichmiller is an online entrepreneur and the founder of www.alexisteichmiller.com and  The Laptop Lifestyle podcast. The goal of her work is to provide value for millennial entrepreneurs on the go and for adventure seekers with big dreams.

Alexis has worked first-hand for New York Times bestselling author Rory Vaden, and now works to inspire entrepreneurs to create their own “laptop lifestyle”.  In this episode, you will learn the aches and pains of being an entrepreneur, how to grow from your struggles and determine what isn’t working, and how to intentionally add people to your life that will help you achieve your goals.

This episode also features a lengthy discussion on important topics such as self-awareness, separating yourself from failure, and ego.

If you’ve ever considered yourself a “creative” person that struggles to stay consistent, or someone that comes up with a million ideas as to how you can impact the world, Alexis concludes this interview with advice on the best ways to take action.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The story of how Alexis launched The Laptop Lifestyle, and her goals as an entrepreneur
  • Being a student to other people’s success first, and putting people in your life intentionally to help achieve your goals.
  • Using belief to take action and create deep convictions that will help you take the leap.
  • How living in 2016 is advantageous for starting a business and/or reaching goals.
  • Removing your identity from our actions and keeping failure “in the room”.
  • The power of knowing your ‘why’ so that you can forge a clearer path.
  • Why you need to cut negative people out of your life TODAY.

Mentioned in this episode:




 Alexis Teichmiller knows that the journey to success is a long- but fulfilling- journey of discovery and growth.

Want to follow her journey? Here’s how:

Alexis Teichmiller on Instagram

The Laptop Lifestyle on iTunes

The Laptop Lifestyle on Stitcher Radio


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