🎧EP26: The Bold Life Movement w/ Kimberly Rich

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“For a lot of people, the most important first step is to be honest about what their goal really is.”


Kimberly Rich is a success and visibility coach for entrepreneurs and the creator of The Bold Life Movement. Kim teaches business owners how to leverage their personal brand, let go of fears, set boundaries, and get outside of their comfort zone in an effort to reach their goals.

By  living a bold life and teaching others how to do the same, Kim’s message is putting out to the world that you, in this very moment, regardless of what anyone else thinks, are capable of reaching your goals authentically and honestly. At the root of this conversation a resonating message shines through: don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be you.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What a personal brand is, and how everyone has one in 2016 (whether they like it or not!)
  • How even people working a 9-5 have a personal brand
  • How others perceive you and what your brand looks like from a social perspective
  • How to live a bold life in your personal and professional life
  • Common fears around setting and keeping boundaries (and why setting boundaries is crucial to success)
  • Why letting go of bad relationships is required
  • How to define success in living a bold life
  • How failure is necessary in taking bold action and reaching goals

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Kimberly Rich lives and promotes a bold life.

Want to learn more about her work? Here’s how:


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