🎧EP41: On MASS II, Stress & Forming New Habits w/ Dr. Pat Davidson

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“You can feel as good or bad as you want to feel.”

– Dr. Pat Davidson

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“A 233 page monster of a book that serves as an exercise physiology textbook, a 16-week training program that you could literally run on repeat, and a nutrition and lifestyle manual that teaches you how to be an optimized human.”

This is the second time Dr. Pat Davidson has been on the show. In episode 16, we unpacked how Pat is revolutionizing the fitness industry with his “bullet to the head” 16-week training program, MASS. This episode builds off the first conversation as Pat dives into the difference between his original program and recently released MASS II.

Pat combines his masterful understandings of human physiology, psychology and strength and conditioning into packaged, applicable phrases that help people make change and grow. This conversation covers the difference between his two books, the science behind habit formation, how stress impacts the body (good and bad), and how his personal growth helped MASS II come to fruition.

Taken from the original episode:

Dr. Pat Davidson’s is a leader and innovator in the strength and conditioning world. He is an experienced strength and conditioning coach and 3x World Championship competitor in the 175lb weight class in Strongman, and has also worked as a professor at Brooklyn College and Springfield College, respectively. He most recently worked for Peak Performance in NYC.”


Mentioned In The Episode:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Pat created MASS and MASS II, and the difference between the programs
  • What led Pat to create the programs, and how necessity drives behavior
  • The science behind habit formation, and the 4 components: cue, behavior, reward and a fourth element, craving
  • How Pat has incorporated some of the “jungle methodology” lifestyle pieces that Dr. Ben House incorporated into the book
  • Why chewing your food, meditating, and eating throughout the day will improve your life
  • The physiology behind stress and how it impacts the body
  • Elements of Pat’s personal journey, why he included his struggles in the book, and how adversity has shaped him
  • The #1 thing Pat strives to do as a coach to create adherence outside of building a great training program

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