🎧EP43: Where Leaders Fall Short w/ executive coach Dennis Tyrrell

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🎧EP43: Where Leaders Fall Short w/ executive coach Dennis Tyrrell

Dennis Tyrrell is an executive and life coach that helps underperforming leaders maximize their potential through outcome specification.

“At the heart of leadership is outcomes.”

– Dennis Tyrrell

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After 15+ years working as a firefighter and as a junior/senior human resources executive, Dennis Tyrrell moved into the life and executive coaching realm. Now, he trains high powered executives to maximize their strengths and achieve their goals.


In this conversation, you’ll learn how Dennis works with underperforming leaders to set expectations, why outcomes matter more than anything, how to approach “alpha males” in the workplace, and why servant leadership starts from within.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The first thing Dennis does when working with a new leader
  • What outcome specification is, and how it leads to more effective goal-setting
  • Why the leader must lay out their expectations from day 1
  • How and why corporate leaders call Dennis in (what the leader is doing that isn’t working)
  • Why servant leadership requires the leader of an organization to look within themselves
  • How to establish culture in the workplace

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