🎧EP44: Living Well Despite Adversity w/ author Harriet Cabelly

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🎧EP44: Living Well Despite Adversity w/ author Harriet Cabelly

Harriet Cabelly interviewed 36 people, including Temple Grandin and Cheryl Strayed, on overcoming life’s struggles. Her book, “Living Well Despite Adversity” is a collection of these interviews.

“Do we have to go through hell and back to find the silver lining?”

– Harriet Cabelly

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Living Well Despite Adversity features 36 interviews on overcoming life's struggles.

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Harriet Cabelly is a licensed clinical social worker and positive psychology coach. After 20 years of service in a public school, she changed paths to focus on a topic that affects us all: adversity, and how people overcome it.

Over 3 years, she curated 36 interviews with people like Temple GrandinMeredith Vieira, and Cheryl Strayed, focused on uncovering strategies for growth and self-actualization after life deals you a difficult hand.

At the root of her interviews- and this conversation- are a few questions:

  • How do people manage to live well despite the adversities they’ve faced?
  • How can struggles be blessings?
  • What routines and coping mechanisms helped when you’ve faced challenges?
  • Where does resilience come from?

Harriet and I unpack these questions using examples from her book and our own lives. Whether you’re facing difficult times or accept that life will eventually force you to grow from adversity, this conversation sheds light on how one lives well despite their struggles.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How Harriet became fascinated by overcoming adversity at a young age, and her own stories of struggle
  • How Temple Grandin defines success (and how it differs from society’s definition)
  • Why labels don’t define who you are, and how to separate yourself from them
  • The mindfulness and exercise routines Harriet used when facing adversity
  • The research behind resilience, and ways to develop it

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