🎧EP45: On Gratitude & Showing Up In Business w/ Sara Christensen

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🎧EP45: On Gratitude & Showing Up In Business w/ Sara Christensen

How gratitude, acceptance and energy can be your secret weapon in business, sport or life.

“I can’t show up the way I want to if my heart is full of pain.”

– Sara Christensen

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Sara Christensen is the creator of Kickass Masterminds. She believes that people arrive in your life at the right time and are there for a reason. Her business helps facilitate that process.

In this conversation, Sara and I tackle topics like applied gratitude, gaining clarity, masculine and feminine energy, and surrendering. She explains that while she’s chosen to express these things through entrepreneurship, the lessons are universal and can be applied to any of life’s arenas.

Overcoming traumas such as cancer, infidelity and the actions of a shady business partner, Sara also shares her struggles and the real strategies and mental skills she used to rise back up.

This is a conversation about being more effective and can be applied at work, in sport, or in your personal life.

Mentioned In The Episode:

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • How gratitude plays a huge role in accepting and making decisions in business
  • How Sara surrenders from difficult situations to find the blessings in her struggles
  • The difference between masculine and feminine energy, and how it shows up in your relationships
  • What you miss out on in business and life if there isn’t a balance between energies
  • What Sara learned from overcoming her “trifecta of trauma”: cervical cancer, an affair, and being kicked out of her business

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