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🎧EP9: Overcoming Adversity W/ Chaz Davis, 2016 Paralympic Games

🎧EP9: Overcoming Adversity w/ Chaz Davis, 2016 Paralympic Games

🎧EP9: Overcoming Adversity w/ Chaz Davis, 2016 Paralympic Games

“Life can be great regardless of your circumstances. You just have to take your circumstances and do what you can with them.”


This episode features the inspiring story of Chaz Davis, a runner who will be representing Team USA at the 2016 Paralympic Gams in Rio.

Chaz’s story is one of overcoming major adversity in the pursuit of a dream. He attended the University of Hartford as a D1 track and field athlete before being diagnosed with a degenerative disease that left him legally blind in both eyes during his freshman season.

From his diagnosis to going into a deep depression and gaining 40lbs, listen to the story of how Chaz overcame his struggles and obstacles to get back into running and qualify for the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

For anyone that’s familiar with running, understand that Chaz, who is legally blind, is still capable of running a mile in 4:20. His story is one of humility and overcoming true adversity that will motivate you to take action towards your own goals.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Chaz’s inspiring story of overcoming adversity in the form of a disease that left him blind.
  • Chaz’s perceptions of goals and the reason(s) he sets goals only for himself.
  • His story of depression, gaining weight, and the decision that led him to get back into running.
  • Chaz’s perception on being passionate about the things you do.
  • The high standards Chaz has held for himself and how this serves him in achieving his goals.
  • How Chaz perceives running as an emotional outlet.

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Chaz Davis has overcome levels of adversity few people have in his pursuit of achieving a goal.

If you listened to his story, we know it inspired you. Let him know.

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