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Monthly Goals Reports

Monthly Goals Reports

Below, you can find an archived list of my Monthly Goals Reports dating back to March 2016. Enjoy!


Ben Kissam’s June 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Moved to Europe, made $1,217.91 working odd jobs, and meditated for 2.5 hours.

Data: 12 articles, 13,254 words, 29 classes coached, 39 cups of coffee, 466 pages read, 167 minutes of meditation.

Ben Kissam’s May 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Finished my teaching career, made $2,386.68 in extra income, and read 6 books.

Data: 8 articles, 13,199 words, 86 classes coached, 84 cups of coffee, 9,889 calories burned, 1,420 pages read, 155 hours worked.

Ben Kissam’s April 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Made $811.67 in extra income, read 686 book pages, finished a business plan, and coached 2 sports teams.

Data: 14 articles, 20,224 words, 90 classes coached, 88 cups of coffee, 11,290 calories burned, 686 pages read, 210.5 hours worked.

Ben Kissam’s March 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Wrote a business plan, made $1,851.77 in extra income, coached 92 classes, and wrote 19,321 words.

Data: 20 articles, 19,321 words, 92 classes coached, 91 cups of coffee, 7,897 calories burned, 56 pages read, 219.5 hours worked.

Ben Kissam’s February 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Got an offer to do grad school in Europe, made $553.37 in extra income, and read 3 books.

Data: 14 articles, 17,558 word count, 70 classes coached, 10,577 calories, -.4kg bodyweight, 643 pages read, 89 cups of coffee, 149 hours worked.

Ben Kissam’s January 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Made $1,373.42 writing and working odd jobs, signed up 28 kids for a sports clinic, recognized on Business Insider.

Data: 20 articles, 28,734 word count, 65 classes coached, 14,225 calories, -2.4kg bodyweight,  577 pages read, 101 cups of coffee.



Ben Kissam’s December 2017 Goals Report

Made $940 working odd jobs, got the flu, and submitted a TedX Mile High application.

Ben Kissam’s November 2017 Goals Report

Made $510 working odd jobs, submitted grad school applications, and won my first league title as a head coach.

Ben Kissam’s October 2017 Goals Report

Hired as a paid writer for 3 new websites, made $934 odd job hustling, offered a college teaching job with full tuition waiver and salary.

Ben Kissam’s July 2017 Goals Report

Made $2,850 doing odd jobs, ran my first successful kids fitness camp, launched season 2 of the podcast.

Ben Kissam’s June 2017 Goals Report

Moved back to Denver, made $2,800 doing odd jobs, recorded 7 new episodes of The Coach K Show podcast.



Ben Kissam’s November 2016 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s October 2016 Goals Report w/ podcast

Ben Kissam’s September 2016 Goals Report w/ podcast

Ben Kissam’s August 2016 Goals Report w/ podcast

Ben Kissam’s July 2016 Goals Report—-  includes podcast version!

Ben Kissam’s May 2016 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s April 2016 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s March 2016 Goals Report

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