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Ben Kissam’s January 2018 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s January 2018 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s January 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Welcome to my January 2018 Goals Report!

Each month, I post a detailed report of the progress I have made that particular month towards my 2018 goals. These posts are intended to provide insight on what I do to achieve my personal goals. My hope is that you are inspired to take action towards your own goals by reading these reports.

Goals Reports In 2018

I’m taking a more thorough approach with my Goals Reports in 2018. Throughout the year, I’ll be tracking 10-15 different metrics daily and sharing that data with you at the conclusion of each month.

The 11 metrics I tracked during January 2018 were:

  1. Articles published
  2. Word count (article must be published or sent to client for WC to be logged)
  3. Writing income
  4. Odd job income
  5. Calories burned during training (using the MyZone MZ-3 belt and app to track this)
  6. Bodyweight (+/- 94.4kg)
  7. Pages read
  8. 1-hour classes coached
  9. Cups of coffee consumed
  10. Minutes of meditation
  11. Number of words journaled

January 2018 Totals and Averages

Articles Published/Sold Word Count Writing ($) Odd Jobs ($) Classes Coached Cups of Coffee
Total 20 28,874 $489.42 $884.00 65 101
Daily Average 0.64 931.4 $15.79 $29.47 2.4 3.2

Calories Burned Weight (+94.4) Pages Read Meditation (Min) Journal (words) Facebook Followers
Total 14,225 92.0kg (-2.4kg) 577 96 3,629 +32
Daily Average 508 cal 22.2 3.1 330 0.93

Biggest Wins/Losses


  1. Featured in Business Insider as 1 of 100 of America’s “Most Eligible Singles”.
  2. Made $884 working odd jobs and $489.42 freelance writing.
  3. Launched my first youth sports fitness clinic on January 8. 26 kids signed up.
  4. 3 sales from affiliate marketing on the blog after launch (it’s a good start).
  5. Releasing new content format: Book Dives, Self-Made Case Studies, and Work/Sport/Life.


  1. Getting rejected from my #1 option for grad school.

2018 Goals


#1. Accept a conditional offer from 1 of 3 school options and begin taking coursework toward a Ph.D. in sport psychology.

On January 16, I was rejected from my #1 choice for grad school. I’ll find out specifically why in a few weeks, but it wasn’t fun getting rejected. The silver lining in the rejection is I will most likely be moving overseas to continue my education this fall.

#2. Accept a TA or other funding opportunity that covers 100% of tuition.

This won’t happen, so it won’t be on next month’s goals list. This goal was contingent on getting into my #1 choice, which did not happen.

#2a. Get a 4.0 GPA during the fall 2018 semester of school.

This won’t be applicable until Q4. Grad school will be my #1 priority once classes start.


Coach K LLC

#3. Support myself financially through revenue generated by The Coach K Show blog (coaching, writing, affiliate marketing, book sales).

On average, my total income each month comes from 6+ sources. Trust me, I am not “diversifying”. Few, if any, of the ways I make money could be considered passive. I didn’t even realize how many there were until I listed them out.

In January 2018, I made money:

  1. Teaching part-time (fixed salary)
  2. Youth sports coaching
  3. Personal coaching/consulting
  4. Freelance writing
  5. Coaching CrossFit
  6. Sponsorship for The Coach K Show (first one!)
  7. Working odd jobs
  8. Affiliate marketing
  9. Book sales

I won’t share the full breakdown of my teacher’s salary and youth sports income on here. I will say that I made an extra $1,378.42 simply working odd jobs and freelance writing. This is a good chunk of change to throw on the top of the pile, and it’s why I recommend you start a side-business working odd jobs.

January was a good month as I cashed out on my first youth sports clinic. 23 athletes signed up.

#4. Make $15,000 in freelance writing income.

To achieve this goal, I need to make about $1,250/month from writing. I fell well short of this number in January at $489.42, but it was still an encouraging month. I parted ways with a few clients and replaced them with higher paying gigs.


#5. 2,500 or more likes on The Coach K Show Facebook page.

To achieve this goal, I’ll need to average 135 likes/month.

Jan 1: 882

Jan 31: 914

January 2018 Total: 32 Likes

Since you’re reading this, perhaps you’ll help me out?

#6. Add 2,500 more people to my email list.

To achieve this goal, I’ll need to average 208 email subscribers/month.

I switched to ConvertKit at the beginning of 2018, deciding to scrap much of my old email list. New year, new me?

January 2018 Total: 68 Subscribers

Help me reach my yearly goals?

I'll never spam you, and you'll get access to college student discounts, articles, and exclusive freebies.

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#7. Weigh 189lbs or less.

I weighed in at 94.4kg (207.6lbs) to start the year. On January 29, I weighed in at 92.0kg, which is 2.4kg (5.3lbs) lighter.

I burned 14,225 calories, according to the MyZone fitness app/belt. Adding light cardio to my morning routine 3-4 days a week has been beneficial to weight loss and feeling better throughout the day while I’m coaching.

#8. Bench press 315lbs.

2018 is the first year I’ve ever accepted that fitness would not be 1 of my top 2 priorities. Last year marked by 10 year anniversary of lifting weights. I exercise about 8 hours per week and meal prep every weekend but have stopped pursuing high-level athletic endeavors.

It’s less about a shift in lifestyle than consciously deciding to put less mental energy into training outside of the gym.

I figured hitting a 315lb bench press this year would be a good goal, because realizing it would suggest that I have a) been training regularly and getting stronger, b) added muscle, and c) worked hard to achieve the goal.

My bench press lifetime PR is 270. I’ll be running 3 cycles of 5/3/1 using this calculator through March (assistance work: Boring But Big, Offseason For Strength settings).

#9. Run 1 mile in under 6 minutes.

If you look at my legacy goals, one of them is to be able to run a sub 6-minute mile when I’m 50. I’ve set this goal every year since 2013 and have only ever missed the attempt once.

Typically, I wait until the last few weeks of the year (mostly because running a 1-mile time trial sucks). In December 2017, I got the flu and never got a chance to do it.

To make up for this, I’ll attempt to run it under 6 minutes twice this year: once sometime in Q1 and again at the end of the year.

In December 2016, I posted a 5:57 mile on my Instagram.



#10. Pay off all extraneous debts by the beginning of Q2, including credit cards.

Not a big fan of debt. During my “year off” to travel, I accumulated some debt that needs to disappear. I’m on pace to have it gone by April 1.

#11. Follows 2018 budget plan with 100% accuracy.

Without going into too much detail, this basically means every Wednesday I transfer money to my bank accounts and do a “Sunday meeting” with myself to go over finances for the week. 100% so far this year.

#12.Bank $7k for graduate school expenses before the end of Q3.

Paying off debt is priority #1. I’ll start saving money after I’ve sliced my credit card in half.

Personal Development

#13. Read 30 or more books.

I read 519 book pages in January 2018.

Here are the books I finished this month:


I’m currently reading:


And although I’ve already read it, I take notes from Mastery by Robert Greene most nights before bed.

#13a. “Book Dive” any books that are relevant to coaching, leadership, psychology or effectiveness.

The goal is to put insights into action with these 5-10 minute strategic reader’s digests.


Check out Book Dive #1. I hope it’s useful to you.


Public speaking- either:

#14. Perform a 3 minute bit of stand up comedy at an open mic night.

I think of the annual 6-minute mile goal as my one “still got it” goal. Every year, I must prove that I, indeed, still have it.

I think it’s equally valuable to set one “prove it” goal- AKA, something you’ve talked about doing forever but have never actually done. I’ve kept a log in my phone’s notepad for over 4 years with stand-up bits, but haven’t had the guts to get on stage… yet. Thanks for the growth mindset, Carol Dweck.

#15. Speak in front of 50 or more people (school does not count).

On January 2, I submitted an application to do a TedX Mile High talk about how parents can stop ruining youth sports. Haven’t heard back yet.

Foreign Language

#16. Become conversational in German.

If you can read between the lines (and didn’t skim the article), you know why this is a goal of mine. I am likely moving overseas for grad school in the fall. My top choice is in Germany.

I was taking German lessons, but fell off with the teacher and need to get back into a weekly routine now that the USA school choice didn’t work out. Even if I don’t end up in Germany, I enjoy the challenge of learning a new language. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Let’s hang out.

Thank you for reading my January 2018 Goals Report!

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Until next month!

-Coach K