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Ben Kissam’s July 2016 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s July 2016 Goals Report

Each month, I post a detailed review of the progress I have made in that particular month towards my 2016 goals.

For a quick recap and easy navigation of my July 2016 Goals Report, see the Wins/Losses/Fixes “cheat sheet” below. The italicized letter/number code next to each item is the 2016 goal that this action is most closely aligned to. (example: (ob5) = Goal #5 in the “Online Business” section of my goals)

Biggest Wins:

  • 3/4 of the way through the entire MASS program.
    • I’ve lost 14lbs and increased muscle mass since day 1 (May 9).
  • Released The Coach K Show on July 27. Check it out on iTunes and Stitcher Radio.
    • Built the entire website and platform in 4 days and 4 nights.
  • Signed the lease agreement for a 4 month stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand from January-May 2017.
  • Moved my belongings to Fort Collins, CO. This is a foundational win as it’s laying the groundwork for the extended travel I’ll be doing in the fall/winter/spring.
  • Ran a Kindle Countdown Deal on Confined To A Cave and sold 20 copies, bringing my grand total to 706 copies sold.
  • Completed 9 out of 9 interviews for my queue of calls as part of my June 2016 “Big 3” goals.

Biggest Losses:

  • Did not (and will not) release a coaching program.

Fixes For Next Month:

  • Focus more on the process of the podcast and let other things fall to the wayside. Now that I have a channel in place, I have less things to worry about doing really well.

Verdict on Last Month’s “Big 3” Goals:

  1. Go live with “The Coach K Show” on July 20. Part 2 of this goal is to arrive at the end of July with a queue of at least 9 podcast episodes already recorded.
  2. Release GOALS, my first coaching product. Along with this, revamp my website to be more conducive to e-commerce and sales as I grow into this niche.
  3. Daily network and outreach. To quantify this, my goal during the month of July is to hit the following at least 75%:
    1. Post on Facebook (Thrive and Confined To A Cave) 1/day (40 posts)
    2. Post on one of the message boards I’m active on 1/day (20 posts)
    3. Send 50 cold e-mails a day (1,000 emails)

My “Big 3” Goals For Next Month:

  1. Schedule at least 30 new interviews and conduct at least 20 of them by August 31, 2016.
  2. Complete MASS program. (this will be released as an Action Experiment the first week in September)
    1. Weigh between 200-205lbs by August 26, 2016.
    2. Follow macro breakdown with 95% accuracy between Aug 1-Aug 26.
  3. Finish up my summer commitments and move to Fort Collins, CO for the beginning of my “nomad year”.

OVERALL RATING FOR July 2016: 9/10

 July 2016 Goals Report(1)

2016 Goals:


Physical goals include measurements of fitness, body composition, and various physical performances.

By December 31, 2016….

1.I will achieve a raw powerlifting total (bench/squat/deadlift) of 1300 or more.

MASS has been a godsend. It’s a testament to the program design that I’ve never been pushed so hard in training yet never felt compelled to work harder simultaneously. I do not know where my current 1RMs lie, but I will get to test them sometime in September when the program is over.

Here’s an Instagram video of a phase 3 back squat session using 265/290/310 for 9 sets of 5. Brutal.

2. I will snatch 215lbs+, and clean and jerk 285+.
I’ve done zero in the way of Olympic weightlifting since I started MASS. I did help out in a partner workout at my gym towards the end of the month, and 165# power snatches felt lighter than ever. Will be curious to see where my clean sits after this final phase.

3. I will do a set of 20 or more strict pull-ups.I did a solid 200 chin-ups throughout the month of July. I’m still sitting pretty around 14-15 in a set without much issue.

As I’ve already said, if push comes to shove, I can always go hyper-speed and program pull-up ladders to get there. Just not with this program.

4. I will run a mile in under 6 minutes.

I know that I’m going to be that old guy someday who tears his ACL trying to prove to himself (or someone else) that I’ve “still got it”.  This goal falls under that category.

My lifetime PR for a mile was 5:35 back in 2010 at a body-weight of 185. Most recently, I ran a mile untrained in 6:16. It’ll hurt, but I can go sub-6.

5. I will complete a set of 4 unbroken muscle-ups

No progress.

I primarily train at a bad-ass functional fitness facility in Denver that allows me to do cool things like ring muscle-ups. If you ever find yourself in the Denver area, check out Project Rise Fitness.

6. I will complete a set of 10 unbroken strict handstand push-ups.

I still like to mess around with handstand walks, which I’ve gotten much more proficient at. I’m up to about a 20m walk. As far as push-ups go, I haven’t been working on them.

7. I will have achieved a body fat percentage of 10% or less and weigh between 190-200lbs.

I’m saving the before/after pictures from this program until after MASS has concluded. If you’re reading this, tune back in next month, because they are literally unreal. The fact that I’m not even done with the program yet is, again, a testament to the program itself and the work I’ve been putting in. (Did you hear that ‘toot?’ Yeah, that was my own horn.)

Since May 9, I have lost 14lbs and gotten stronger. Starting at 221 some-odd pounds, I weighed in last week at 207.

I’m dialing in my macros for the final push of the program and am intentionally eating at a deficit for phase 4. Truth be told, I don’t like doing this whatsoever. Not only is this month going to be difficult from a training standpoint, but the eating part is going to suck.
Most of my philosophy on reaching your goals is that what you do must be sustainable, or else it isn’t worth your time. 90% of the time I live by that statement, but this is a prime example of a time where that might actually work against you. Great outcomes require you to grind, and sometimes, it gets really ugly. I’m a firm believer that the human spirit can endure the greatest of trials and tribulations ONLY when they know there is an end in sight. For me, it’s 25 days. It’s going to be hard, but I’ll make it work.

8. Run at least 3 “Action Experiments” that cause me to adjust current habits that contribute to my physical health.

Expect Action Experiment #2 to come online the first week in September.

Personal Development

  1. I will have traveled to at least 5 new places- countries, states, areas of the world- that I’ve never been to.
I will hit this goal, just later on in 2016. Places I’ve been this year include:
  • Fort Myers, FL
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Aspen/Glenwood Springs, CO

I’ll be in Europe for the last 30 days of 2016, so 2 countries will be pretty easy.

During the first week of July, I secured a 1-BR condo in Chiang Mai, Thailand from the end of January-May 2017. I chose Chiang Mai for a few reasons: a new culture that I know nothing about, cheap living, Thai food being one of my favorite things to eat, a laid back and outdoorsy atmosphere, and a large number of expats and “digital nomads” (excuse me while I cringe) residing there.


I’ll be moving here after a 7 week backpacking trip through Europe. 2017 is going to be an awesome year.

I worked most of July and did not take any trips or get out a ton, truth be told. I did get a good hike in at Apex Park in Golden, CO with my friend Shannon Keating over at Nutrition Uplifted. Shannon is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and does bad-ass things like drink cold bone broth for the health benefits. Check her out.

2. I will have read 10 personal development books.

In 2016, I’ve finished 5 personal development books.

Have you ever come across a book that hits you right where you’re at? That’s how Ego Is The Enemy by Ryan Holiday hit me. This book has cracked my very small list of books I believe that anyone with aspirations to be and do more with their life should read.

My understanding of ego is now pretty simple: your ego distorts reality and prevents you from making change. To become better than you are and to reach goals, you have to be self-aware enough to diagnose yourself truthfully. If you can’t, you’ll struggle. Ego will be a common theme in my teachings going forward after reading this.

Note: if you click the link and purchase the book, I will receive a small affiliate commission. The price would be the same as if you searched it yourself. If you do choose to purchase through this link, thanks so much!

3. I will have volunteered at least 3 times in various capacities.

Other than helping a few friends move, I have not done much volunteering this year.

4. I will have completed my morning routine 250 or more times, or an average of 5x per week.

I think the last time I did my morning routine more than a day or two in a row there was snow on the ground.

Truth be told, the fatigue and stress of MASS has made a great excuse for me to get cozy and sleep in. My body has needed it. I’m enjoying the shift in schedule and have not missed doing a morning routine. The seasons of life….


Outside of my actual business, my financial goals measure my savings, planned purchases, and financial investments.

  1. I will save up enough money to backpack Europe and travel various parts of the world in the fall of 2016/winter of 2017.

I have a nest egg of $2,850 saved up currently.

In doing the math in the past few weeks, I should have somewhere in the neighborhood of $7,000 to travel with by November.

2. I will have followed my wealth strategy plan (details to come in a later post) with 100% commitment.

I’m 100% as of late. Nothing to report here.

3. I will invest 10% of my 2016 income into an IRA fund.

Did the math on this one, and am sitting at just over $600 in stock investments currently. Like I mentioned, this will grow more towards the end of Q3 for 2016.


I believe very strongly in the power of questions. Think about it this way- when you focus on something, it will expand. It will consume your mind. When you ask yourself a question, you focus on finding a solution. When you ask the right questions, you get results.

I sat down last night (July 30) on a lonely Saturday night and mapped out the questions that I want to have answers to by the end of my year-long impending travels.

Here are the questions I came up with:

  1. Who are the people (demographic) that I want to serve for the next 10 years of my life?
  2. Who are the type of people I should surround myself with professionally to take the next step?
  3. Do I want to return to Denver after I travel? Where will I live after spring of 2017? Might I continue traveling?

Thanks for reading my July 2016 Goals Report. I publish these reports as a way to inspire others and  show the world what it takes to reach real world outcomes. If I can ever add value to your life by helping you reach your goals, you can reach me directly at


Until next month!

– Coach K, Out.