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Ben Kissam’s June 2016 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s June 2016 Goals Report

Each month, I post a detailed review of the progress I have made in that particular month towards my 2016 goals.

For a quick recap and easy navigation of my May 2016 Goals Report, see the Wins/Losses/Fixes “cheat sheet” below. The italicized letter/number code next to each item is the 2016 goal that this action is most closely aligned to. (example: (ob5) = Goal #5 in the “Online Business” section of my goals)

Biggest Wins:

  • 1/2 through the entire MASS program.
    • Lost 8lbs and increased muscle mass since day 1 (May 9)
  • Recorded my first interview episode for my new podcast to be released on July 20.
  • Visited and hiked in 3 new places in Colorado that I had never been before.
    • Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, CO.
    • The Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs, CO.
    • Hiked at Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO.
  • Finished the E-book portion and 30% of the audio recordings for my first coaching product, which will go live at the end of July as well.

Biggest Losses:

  • My MacBook Air crashed, leaving me without a computer for 6 days
  • Posted 70% of the content from the master schedule I created for the month of May. Though this was an improvement from last month, I really tried to focus on getting all of my content out and did not.
  • Ignored my e-mail list. It has been growing, which is great, but I need to be better about getting content out to them.

Fixes For Next Month:

  • Implementing a strategic hierarchy for my work days. The way my brain works, I feel that a routine-creation-outreach strategy for completing tasks works the best. Ideally, starting with the routine will prime my mind for creation, and then outreach and networking can still take place when I’m tired or losing motivation towards the end of my day.

Verdict on Last Month’s “Big 3” Goals:

  1. I sent 400 cold e-mails during the month of July. Goal complete.
  2. For the second straight month, I did not finish designing my coaching product. I’m about 60% of the way there.
  3. 70% out of 100% on content posted for this month. Partially to blame is my computer being out of commission, but since I’d prefer to control the things I can control, I will take the majority of the blame for not being prepared for a circumstance like that.

My “Big 3” Goals For Next Month:

  1. Go live with “The Coach K Show” on July 20. Part 2 of this goal is to arrive at the end of July with a queue of at least 9 podcast episodes already recorded.
  2. Release GOALS, my first coaching product. Along with this, revamp my website to be more conducive to e-commerce and sales as I grow into this niche.
  3. Daily network and outreach. To quantify this, my goal during the month of July is to hit the following at least 75%:
    1. Post on Facebook (Thrive and Confined To A Cave) 1/day (40 posts)
    2. Post on one of the message boards I’m active on 1/day (20 posts)
    3. Send 50 cold e-mails a day (1,000 emails)


June 2016

2016 Goals:


Physical goals include measurements of fitness, body composition, and various physical performances.

By December 31, 2016….

1.I will achieve a raw powerlifting total (bench/squat/deadlift) of 1300 or more.

Last month, I mentioned that I switched from a CrossFit style of programming to a program called ‘MASS‘. This program was designed by a professor at my Alma mater, Springfield College. Basically, 4x per week I am subjected to hell in the form of compound barbell movements in intense interval fashion.

Thus far, I’ve lost 8lbs of body-weight and clearly gained some muscle. I feel as though my work capacity is stronger than at any time I’ve ever done CrossFit. I am officially halfway through the program and am really excited to see what happens in the final two months.
2. I will snatch 215lbs+, and clean and jerk 285+.Read above. I will not be doing any Oly lifting until at least September. I’ll be a heck of a lot stronger on the other end of MASS, but seeing that I’m primarily a slow-twitch type of fella (read: slow and not genetically gifted).3. I will do a set of 20 or more strict pull-ups.I’m averaging about 50 strict pull-ups during 4 separate workouts each week. I haven’t done a set above 11 (on purpose) during the entire program, but imagine I can crank out 15-16 without much effort. Getting closer.As I’ve already said, if push comes to shove, I can always go hyper-speed and program pull-up ladders to get there. Just not with this program.4. I will run a mile in under 6 minutes.I’m getting to a point in my life where I have to prove to myself that “I’ve still got it”. This is one of those goals. I haven’t run sub 6 in about six years, but am confident that I’ll be able to when the time comes. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve lost 8lbs during MASS.

5. I will complete a set of 4 unbroken muscle-ups

No progress.

I primarily train at a bad-ass functional fitness facility in Denver that allows me to do cool things like ring muscle-ups. If you ever find yourself in the Denver area, check out Project Rise Fitness.

6. I will complete a set of 10 unbroken strict handstand push-ups.

Haven’t practiced these. I have been working on my handstand walks, which are still coming along nicely.

7. I will have achieved a body fat percentage of 10% or less and weigh between 190-200lbs.

My last weigh-in had me at 211lbs, down 8lbs from where I started on May 9. I have been experimenting with macros these past few weeks, which have accounted for about 5lbs of weight loss this month.

My split is 200protein, 250 c, 80 f, coming in just over 2,000 calories. I’m used to eating a lot more than this, but am purposely lowering it to lose weight.

8. Run at least 3 “Action Experiments” that cause me to adjust current habits that contribute to my physical health.

MASS will ultimately end up being an action experiment sometime at the end of summer. I will be releasing my next Action Experiment mid-way through July.

That said, I have a lot of work I need to do between now and December 31 to be able to pay my bills solely on my business. That work starts during the month of July with a concentrated effort on product creation and networking/outreach.

Personal Development

  1. I will have traveled to at least 5 new places- countries, states, areas of the world- that I’ve never been to.

I tackled 3 Colorado landmarks in a matter of 2 weeks during the month of June- Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO, Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, CO, and the Manitou Incline in Manitou Springs, CO.

These short trips are becoming more and more important to me. I have lived in Denver, CO for the past two years, but after traveling the world later this year, I don’t know that I will return to Denver. I want to see as much of this beautiful state as I can while it’s still considered my backyard.


Maroon Bells in Aspen, CO.


Hanging Lake in Glenwood Springs, CO

2. I will have read 10 personal development books.
I finished this book during the month of June:

The biggest takeaway I had from this book was that emotional intelligence is simply a matter of you becoming more aware. Anyone can use any strategy they want (the book has many to offer), but at the end of the day, becoming more aware of what’s inside of you and what’s around you is going to benefit you signficantly.

I’m re-reading a book called The War Of Art that I read earlier this year, more for enjoyment than anything. If you do any type of creative work, buy this book right now. You’ll thank me.

I’m also listening to the audio version of a book called Quiet: The Power of Introverts In A World That Can’t Stop Talking. I’ve considered myself to be innately introverted since I was a teenager, and so I’ve found this book to be fascinating.

The most interesting piece I’ve taken out of it thus far is that we have been socially conditioned to look at the extrovert ideal for leaders in this world, and yet, some of the most creative and influential people that ever lived were introverted.

3. I will have volunteered at least 3 times in various capacities.

Other than helping a few friends move, I have not done much volunteering this year.

4. I will have completed my morning routine 250 or more times, or an average of 5x per week.

Last month, I mentioned that I was enlisting a new routine/ritual schedule. The plan was to work hard into the night and then sleep until 90 minutes before I leave so that I could “eat that frog” before I left for work that day.

I dug that for a bit, but I’m already flipping things again. I’m finding that the seasons of life dictate change when they want, not really when I want it to. Such is life. More on this as my routine continues getting stronger.


Outside of my actual business, my financial goals measure my savings, planned purchases, and financial investments.

  1. I will save up enough money to backpack Europe and travel various parts of the world in the fall of 2016/winter of 2017.

I have a nest egg of $2,106 saved up currently. My part-time summer job helped me put a big dent in this during the month of June without a ton of effort sacrificed from other areas.

2. I will have followed my wealth strategy plan (details to come in a later post) with 100% commitment.

I’m not going to post my bank account details, but I have been successfully balancing funds between my 4 bank accounts and am seeing growth in these areas.

3. I will invest 10% of my 2016 income into an IRA fund.

Did the math on this one, and am sitting at just over $600 in stock investments currently. Like I mentioned, this will grow more towards the end of Q3 for 2016.


Not sure where else to put this, but felt it was worth sharing. During the first week in June, I said good-bye to a group of students I cared about very much after 2 years of teaching in Denver. Great things await, but I’m grateful for the opportunities I had through Denver Public Schools.


Thanks for reading my June 2016 Goals Report. I publish these reports as a way to inspire others and  show the world what it takes to reach real world outcomes. If I can ever add value to your life by helping you reach your goals, you can reach me directly at

-Coach K, Out.