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Ben Kissam | Full Bio

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I started writing online in 2010, publishing daily recaps of my workouts when I was training for ultra-marathon and powerlifting competitions. That blog received about 150 hits a day from fitness communities worldwide and helped me fall in love with writing.

In 2014, I moved to Denver, CO and started working to publish a book. In April 2015, I released Confined To A Cave, a 30-day guide for helping people make exercise and diet into lifelong habits. CTAC went on to become an Amazon Bestseller and sold over 1,000 copies in its first year.

After an 18 month hiatus from blogging (to publish the book), I started writing articles again in an effort to promote and sell CTAC.

To my surprise, about a month after I began blogging regularly, I received an email from a reader asking if I would take him on as a coaching client.

Terrified but excited, I said “Sure!”, and proceeded to charge him $49 for several hours worth of coaching, because I was too afraid he’d change his mind if I asked for more.

This was the start of my journey with online entrepreneurship.

Blogging opened my world to many other unexpected opportunities-remember, I was simply trying to sell my book– and is 100% responsible for the small amount of success I’ve had since I began working online.

In 2016, I took 6 months off from teaching and coaching to backpack through Europe. While traveling was an amazing experience, I learned quickly that being a digital nomad was not for me. I spent money too quickly and didn’t do a good job balancing my work commitments. Plus, I couldn’t coach sports or establish a solid morning routine.

Coming back to Denver, I was broke and had no coaching client prospects, so I started a second “real” business doing odd jobs for people living in the same neighborhood where I used to teach middle school physical education.

In under a year, I made $20,000 mowing lawns, house sitting, and picking up all sorts of strange work. For example, I once spent an hour learning how to buff and wax an RV on YouTube in some guy’s driveway before doing a 3-hour job.

He was impressed by my initiative and tipped me on top of paying me $100 for doing the job.

Now $20k might not sound like a lot, but I was also teaching physical education, coaching 3 sports teams, and keeping up with my freelance writing and coaching clients at the same time.

I have much to learn and a long way to go, but these experiences in writing and entrepreneurship have shaped me and made me a better, more resilient person.

It’s also given me the freedom to do what I’m doing now!

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I’m a graduate student living and coaching in Germany, pursuing a career as a sport and performance psychologist.

While this pursuit takes up a lot of my time, I still write and speak about relationships-based coaching, performance psychology, roles people play, standing out and getting hired, and mindset/tactics for “making it”.

I’m most passionate about my work and live a pretty simple life otherwise. I don’t own a car or anything really expensive. In fact, I don’t own much at all. I sold everything I owned except for 2 suitcases and a backpack worth of stuff when I moved overseas.

Where Should You Start?

If you’ve stuck around this long, you’re probably interested in checking out more of my stuff. Great! Here are some suggestions for getting started:

First, check out the Best Articles page. I update this page once every 2-3 months.

Goals Reports & Essays

  • I’ve published a Monthly Goals Report every month since May 2016. These are detailed recaps of how I worked towards my yearly (2018, 2017) and legacy goals that month. Namely, I write about what I achieved, where I failed or fell short, and what I learned.
  • Every so often, I post personal essays about life, achievement, sport, career, failure, and more.

College 101

In 2018, I decided to niche down and spend time serving one demographic- college students.

“Making It”, Inner Skills, and Other Stuff

The last section that makes up this blog is a bit of a wildcard. Expect it to be about psychology, coaching, or personal effectiveness.

For example, perhaps my favorite type of writing is something I call “Case Studies“. These articles examine the psychology and tactics of famous people and how they’ve managed to stand out or leverage their talents/skill sets to succeed.

  • The Case Study I published in January 2018 about standup comedian Bill Burr has become my most famous piece of writing.
  • I periodically publish “Book Dives“, which are 5-10 minute actionable digests on books about psychology, coaching, leadership, and effectiveness.
  • I’ve interviewed experts and written about how Inner Skills like confidence, focus, and concentration can help you achieve your goals.

Again, thank you for being here! To discuss speaking or writing opportunities, please email me at: