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This page shares the best articles on relationships, achievement, and “making it”.

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My mission statement is:

“To help people and organizations become the best versions of themselves and achieve their goals.”

On this page, you’ll find an array of topics. Anything from Case Studies (how renowned performers, coaches, and artists leveraged their talents to become successful) to college student guides to my monthly goals reports.

To get you started, here are a few of my most popular articles:

  1. Bill Burr: “Making It”, Pissing People Off & Being Yourself
  2. ‘Set the Table’: 3 Words To Describe My 25th Year (and 2017)
  3. Nick Saban: Building Character, 100 Hour Workweeks & Domination
  4. 10 Things I’ve Learned From A Decade of Lifting Weights
  5. What To Expect When Dating Teachers, By The Subject They Teach

Make It

This section is made up of articles about building relationships, inner skills, reading books, successful team dynamics, mastery, and career advancement.


This Will Help You: Network, meet the right people, get dates, and understand the bigger picture.


This Will Help You: Get to know the characters you’ll come across in the play of life, and position yourself accordingly.

Case Studies

This Will Help You: Understand how world-class people leveraged unique skill sets to become icons in their field.

Inner Skills

This Will Help You: Increase focus, build confidence, and understand yourself better.

Book Dives

This Will Help You: Learn, gain perspective, and acquire skills from brilliant minds.

College 101

This is a compilation of articles to help young people make it in college.

This Will Help You: budget travel, be healthy, get hired, save/make money, and manage your time.

Thursday Q&A answers questions college students ask frequently.

There’s also a section just for student-athletes.

Essential Reading For College Students

You can find all the other step-by-step guides for college students I’ve written here.

College Savings Newsletter

This Will Help You: Save $99/month on college life necessities.

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Coach K

Monthly Goals Reports

This Will Help You: Get motivated, learn from my mistakes, and shorten your learning curve.

Each month, I post a detailed written report about what I achieved and how I worked towards my year-long goals.

To read all my monthly goals reports dating back to May 2016, click here.

Here’s an example:

Ben Kissam’s January 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Made $1,373.42 writing and working odd jobs, signed up 28 kids for a sports clinic, recognized on Business Insider.

Data: 20 articles, 28,734 word count, 65 classes coached, 14,225 calories, -2.4kg bodyweight,  577 pages read, 101 cups of coffee.


This Section Will Help You: Learn more about me and my path.

Occasionally, I’ll write long-form pieces about my life, like my annual 3-Word Memoir essay.

You can read more essays here.