Book Dives

Book Dives

Put ONE big idea into action from books on psychology, coaching, leadership, and life.

10 Books Every College Student Should Read Before Graduation

Set yourself up professionally for your first 5 years in the working world

entrepreneur quotes

21 Strategies From A Billionaire Merchant To Base Your Life On

Billionaire John Graham teaches timeless strategies for upleveling your business, leadership & life.

daniel pink drive book

The Truth Behind What Motivates Us, according to Daniel Pink

The 3 keys to motivating yourself and other people to do their best work in 2018 and beyond.

robert greene mastery quotes

7  Lessons from Mastery That Will Help You Conquer Your Life’s Task

These 7 lessons from Mastery shed light on the 5 phases of becoming world-class.

john wooden book review

The Ultimate John Wooden Strategy Guide: 36 Tips For Success & Achievement

John Wooden won 10 NCAA championships in 12 years. Put his insights into action and achieve your goals.


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