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Save money on coffee. Win a scholarship. Learn more.

Get great coffee. Win (or give) a scholarship.

Read eligibility criteria/terms and conditions.

College students need their coffee. But 24 cups (a month’s worth) of Starbucks coffee costs $120+. This hardly fits a college student’s budget.

Here’s the deal: To help college kids save money, we offer monthly subscriptions to high-quality, low-cost coffee. Shipped right to your house/campus for just $10/pound. You can subscribe monthly and save more or buy a pound at a time.

Each pound of coffee enters you (or a college student of your choosing) a chance to win a $500 scholarship (awarded in August and December).

Each pound of coffee = one ticket for a scholarship.

Want in? The first 50 email subscribers get two tickets per pound on their first order.

Coming April 2018.