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Ben Kissam Coach

Ben Kissam’s May 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Each month, I post a detailed goals report of the progress I have made that particular month towards my 2018 goals. These posts are intended to provide insight on what I do to achieve my personal goals. My hope is that you are inspired to take action towards your college and life goals by reading these reports.

Goals Reports In 2018

As I’ve mentioned, I’m taking a more in-depth approach to Monthly Goals Reports in 2018.

One way I’m doing that is by tracking 10-15 different metrics throughout each month and logging the data to see how I’m spending my time.

5 months in, I’ll admit it’s hard work. But tracking my life has also taught me a lot about my habits and helped me make positive change. I’m committed to doing it through at least the remainder of 2018.

The 12 metrics I tracked during May 2018 were:

  1. Articles published
  2. Word count (article must be published or sent to a client for WC to be logged)
  3. Writing income
  4. Odd job income
  5. Calories burned during training (using the MyZone MZ-3 belt and app to track this)
  6. Bodyweight (+/- 94.4kg)
  7. 1-hour classes coached
  8. Minutes of meditation
  9. Number of words journaled
  10. Pages read
  11. Cups of coffee consumed
  12. Total Hours Worked

May 2018 By The Numbers: Totals, Averages & Last Month Comparison

Articles Published Word Count Writing ($) Odd Jobs ($) Classes Coached Cups of Coffee
Total 8 13,199 $257.68 $2,130.00 86 84
Daily Average .26 425 $8.31 $68.71 2.77 2.7
Last Month’s Total 14 20,224 $221.67 $590.00 90 88
Plus/Minus -6 -7,025 +$36.01 +$1,540 -4 -4


Calories Burned Weight (+94.4) Pages Read Meditation (Min) Journal (words) Hours Worked
Total 9,889 1,420 36 2,949 155
Daily Average 329.6 45.8 1.16 95.1 5.0
Last Month’s Total 11,290 92.0kg (-2.4kg) 686 48 1,373 210.5
Plus/Minus -1,401 +734 -12 +1,576 -55.5


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