Cooking In College

Learn a lifelong skill that saves you money

Healthy College Recipes

Ideas for simple, healthy meals you can make in a dorm


Practical tips for budgeting in college

Wondering where to start?

For those who consider making cereal an accomplishment

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Hi, I'm Ben Kissam

I started Cooking at College to help students learn the valuable skills of cooking and budgeting.

Both my parents taught me how to cook at a young age. As a first-generation college student, I saw just how valuable whipping up an omelette could be instead of blowing all my cash at the dining hall (or on Domino’s). Over the course of a semester or four years, it really added up.

Now, I’m a writer, blogger, amateur chef, and entrepreneur, and I’m hoping to share what’s helped me with readers. Thanks for checking out my website!

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