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🎧Ep10: Walking 5,500 Miles Across The World W/ Mark Cundy

🎧Ep10: Walking 5,500 Miles Across The World w/ Mark Cundy

“The single thing that assisted me most during the journey was daydreaming…. I believe daydreaming is an underrated pursuit.”


From 2004-05, Mark Cundy walked across the Europe, Australia and The United States of America, totaling 5,500 miles on his feet.

Why? Mark could tell what was coming as he entered his mid-thirties: a house and a mortgage. But something inside of him told him that there was adventure to be had and things to be seen. At the very root of achieving any worthy goal, something inside of you has to stir in a manner that convinces you it’s time to take action. Mark’s story does an amazing job of showcasing what that journey might look like while offering practical tools you can use to ensure that travel happens in your life as well.

This episode is rich in content related to adventure, taking bold action, and the strategies and perspectives one might need to utilize in achieving something that will take a long time.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The journey and story behind Mark Cundy walking 5,500 miles across the world.
  • The conversation in Mark’s head on a given day during his travel, and the routines he put in place during his journey.
  • The motivation that led Mark to take on such a task.
  • A conversation on failure and how it pertains to Mark’s story.
  • A lengthy conversation on strategies and perspectives one may need to adopt when achieving a LARGE goal.
  • How Mark’s perceptions on travel served him as he journeyed across the world.
  • How and why the definitions of travel should be determined by an individual.

Mark’s Book Telling His Story:


(Note that if you were to click this link and purchase Mark’s book from it, I would receive a small affiliate commission (to no additional charge for you). I appreciate you checking it out!)


Mark Cundy’s has wanderlust in his soul and a knack for achieving huge goals.

Did his epic story motivate you to take action? Let him know.

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