🎧EP14: Lessons Learned In The Weight Room w/ Mike Bingaman

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🎧EP14: Lessons Learned In The Weight Room w/ Mike Bingaman

“The two biggest things I want my athletes to have are a long-term vision and a sense of daily urgency.”


Mike Bingaman, known by most as “Bing”, is a strength and conditioning coach for the United States Ski and Snowboard Association. He works with 12 athletes per week, conducting upwards of 13 training sessions as he attempts to prepare them for success at the 2022 Winter Olympics.

As seen in the show quote listed above, Mike goes into an area never explored before on The Coach K Show, explaining why he believes it’s important for his athletes to have both a long-term vision AND to maintain a daily sense of urgency. If you tend to procrastinate or have been inconsistent with your goals, this part of the episode will be profound for you.

You will also learn some of the key things Mike instills in his athletes and lessons that he’s learned from his years spent in a weight room. This interview features discussions on self-discipline, the value of a coach, and discussions relevant to the field of strength and conditioning.

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In This Episode, You Will Learn:

  • Mike’s story and what led him to working with the United States Ski and Snowboard Association.
  • The specifics on how Mike prepares his men’s alpine ski athletes in the weight room.
  • The two qualities Mike wants to instill in all of this athletes above everything else
  • The first thing Mike does when working with new athletes
  • How discipline is a skill you can acquire from being in the weight room (and what having discipline can do for you)
  • The value of a coach for reaching your goals, no matter what your goal is.
  • Some of the innovative ways Mike motivates his athletes to succeed and reach their goals.


Mike Bingaman is an expert coach that helps athletes at the top level achieve their goals.

Did Bing’s insights and lessons offer you a fresh perspective? Let him know.

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