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🎧EP23: Building Better Coaches W/ CrossFit Games Athlete Pat Barber

🎧EP23: Building Better Coaches w/ CrossFit Games athlete Pat Barber

🎧EP23: Building Better Coaches w/ CrossFit Games athlete Pat Barber

“Great coaches have a high level of emotional intelligence and are okay with being wrong.”


Pat Barber has worked in all facets of the CrossFit world. From competing at the CrossFit games as an individual to now working at NorCal Fit. His service, Warmup and Workout, is a product designed for CrossFit affiliates to provide the content, structure, tools, and learning opportunities for coaches and gym owners so that members are set up for success.
In this episode, Pat talks about how CrossFit can help one achieve their fitness goals, the true measures of a good coach, how to go from good to great in your coaching.
This talk features conversations on topics such as ego, simplifying the process, emotional intelligence, the “student of the game” mentality, and how to develop fitness across a lifespan.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What CrossFit is, and how fitness does not need to change over the course of a lifetime
  • Why Pat created Warmup and Workout, a service to help CrossFit affiliate owners
  • Why it’s important to simplify the process when achieving a goal
  • Why having a great coach is the most important part of developing a strong gym
  • What separates a good coach and great coach, and how one might bridge the gap
  • The 2 qualities that the best coaches have.
  • How emotional intelligence plays a huge role in a coach’s toolbox

Mentioned In This Episode:

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Pat Barber is on a mission to build better coaches, gyms, and people.

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