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🎧EP24: Connect With And Heal Your Body W/ Suncana Selimovic

🎧EP24: Connect With and Heal Your Body w/ Suncana Selimovic

🎧EP24: Connect With and Heal Your Body w/ Suncana Selimovic

“The thing that’s missing is that not all periods of rest are created equal.”

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Suncana Selimovic is a yoga tune-up teacher whose passion lies in helping people connect to their bodies. She is an expert in helping people suffering from “yo-yo” move towards a more sustainable lifestyle integrating fitness and health. Her company, Body Connection Obsessed, is the stage from which she influences and helps people make a change.

We often prescribe remedies for health and wellness with a fitness or performance focus. Conventional wisdom tells you if you want to lose weight, feel better, and look better, you need to go out for a 10k run and beat your old time. While there are obvious health benefits to an increase in fitness, Suncana’s work offers a unique perspective on what getting healthy means.

Breathing. Connecting with your body and mind. Feeling out positions, myofascial release, and taking constructive rest days. Not things we usually think about, but things Suncana describes as vital to your health and well-being.

This podcast is all about unique perspectives that will help you achieve your goals. Suncana delivers a perspective many have not heard on how to become more fit, healthy, and happy with our bodies.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What “yo-yo” health and dieting are, how it affects you negatively, and how to counter it
  • How to understand what’s going on inside your own body
  • Why connecting with yourself is an important component of making exercise a lifelong habit
  • How rest days differ by degree, and what a proper rest day should look like
  • How to do a “best breath” that down and up-regulates your body
  • How sitting is the new form of smoking, and why body position is important for your health

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Suncana Selimovic helps people reach health goals by connecting with their bodies.

Want to learn more about her work? Here’s how:

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