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🎧EP28: New Approach To Eating And Getting Fit W/ Caleb Sommer

🎧EP28: New Approach to Eating and Getting Fit w/ Caleb Sommer

🎧EP28: New Approach to Eating and Getting Fit w/ Caleb Sommer

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Caleb Sommer is a 3x CrossFit Games athlete and owner of Project Rise Fitness in Denver, CO. He’s on a mission to build a brand of fitness that works for more people. After close to 10 years of being in the world of CrossFit, Caleb has found that many of the traditional methods for getting people fit do not work for people that are either new or hesitant to get started.

Through his gym in Denver, he is helping to change many lives and get people healthy. This episode draws on many of the perspectives and strategies he has found during his time working with thousands of clients that will help you get fit, eat better, and find a way to make fitness work for you.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How 10 years in a gym setting showed Caleb there were better ways help someone get fit
  • How Caleb tackles nutrition and exercise with clients
  • The best ways to keep your healthy lifestyle sustainable
  • How entrepreneurship and competitive sports relate, and the parallels that can be draw from the two
  • Tips and tricks that actually work for making health a priority
  • Perspective shifts on eating, exercising, and lifestyle factors that will increase consistency

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Caleb Sommer works in the trenches, learning from others what works best to help people get fit.

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