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🎧EP30: Off The Beaten Path W/ World Traveler Jake Heilbrunn

🎧EP30: Off The Beaten Path w/ world traveler Jake Heilbrunn

🎧EP30: Off The Beaten Path w/ world traveler Jake Heilbrunn

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Jake Heilbrunn took bold action and followed his dream. After leaving school at 19, Jake bought a one-way ticket and packed a bag to travel by himself to Guatemala to live and work for 4 months. His book, Off The Beaten Path, was inspired by the profound experiences that he had while he was traveling the world.

This central theme of this conversation is using travel as a vehicle for personal development and growth. Jake uses language that not only inspires one to travel, but that makes an experience like this seem practical for anyone willing to go a little off course.

Mentioned In This Episode:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • What led Jake to leave school to travel
  • How Jake saved up enough funds and made his travel experience possible
  • Practical tips and tools you can use to travel, no matter what your budget is
  • How Jake found opportunities for work and accommodations in Guatemala that allowed him to travel
  • How travel experiences serve as personal development and help one grow


Jake Heilbrunn lives life off the beaten trail.

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