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🎧EP36: What It Means To Be A Man W/ Ryan Michler

🎧EP36: What It Means To Be A Man w/ Ryan Michler

🎧EP36: What It Means To Be A Man w/ Ryan Michler

“The guy with the puffed out chest is often times the weakest in the room.” – Ryan Michler

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Ryan Michler is the creator of Order of Man and the Iron Council at His platform is dedicated to helping men figure it out- whatever “it” is for them. His community of 35,000+ men is a resource for them to become better husbands, fathers, and brothers.

Taken from his website: “Like many of men that I’ve talked with, you may be asking why this is so important. Do you want to make more money, have more meaningful relationships, take your career to the next level, or become a stronger leader in your business and community? Regardless of what the world may have you believe, all of that can be accomplished by magnifying and becoming more of what you already are – a man.”

This conversation focuses on achievement, self-mastery, the 3 components of being a man, and humility.

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In This Episode, You’ll Learn:

  • Ryan’s story and what led him to create a community where he wasn’t the “guru” with it all figured out
  • How humility creates a foundation for a man to become better
  • Vulnerability, how it’s seen on social media, and how to make sure it’s useful
  • The key 3 components of being a better man
  • The 4 keys to increasing your value as a man
  • Setting 90-day goals as a way of achieving more
  • How to set up “win-win” situations with your spouse or loved ones

Where can you find the man behind Order of Man?

Facebook Community- Order of Man

Order of Man Podcast on iTunes

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