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🎧EP38: Secrets Of Becoming A Magical Speaker W/ Davide Di Giorgio

🎧EP38: Secrets of Becoming A Magical Speaker w/ Davide Di Giorgio

🎧EP38: Secrets of Becoming A Magical Speaker w/ Davide Di Giorgio

“When someone becomes an ambassador of your idea, you become an unforgettable speaker.”

– Davide Di Giorgio

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Davide Di Giorgio has 25 years of experience in business, education, musical theater production, creation and direction, and innovation that he applies in his work to help people become unforgettable speakers.

This conversation dissects the process of creating a speech worthy of being heard by others. Davide makes it known that his belief is that all of us are speakers. We’ve been speaking since we were born. Yet each of us has met that person that seems to emanate magic when they speak.

As employees, business owners, family members, and people with ambitions to achieve more in life, it’s his mission to inspire people like us to become that person. His work doesn’t just help us discover what our unique message is, but how to share that message with the world.

Mentioned In The Episode:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The #1 question you aren’t asking yourself that is keeping you ineffective as a speaker
  • The first step you should take if you’re interested in crafting a speech worthy of being heard by others
  • Creating “magic” as a speaker: why you must become “pitch perfect” before you can truly deliver your message and get people to take action
  • The levels of cognition and how they apply to you crafting an unforgettable speech
  • How silence during a speech can “do the heavy lifting” and inspire people to take action

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