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🎧EP39: Winning The Mental Game W/ Mike Margolies

🎧EP39: Winning The Mental Game w/ Mike Margolies

“There’s no such thing as failure, only feedback.”

– Mike Margolies

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Mike Margolies has worked in the field of sport psychology and mental training for 40 years. From middle school kids to Olympic performers, he equips athletes with the mental skills they need to be at their best during competition.

This episode features a rich conversation on the power of questions as they pertain to helping people make change or become aware of their own tendencies and habits. For example, asking an athlete to answer the question, “how are you calm?” or “how are you confident?” puts them in that state of mind. Once they can answer that question, they can recall that state during competition.

This conversation also features a lengthy discussion on motivatio, self-talk, attitudes, and incorporating imagery to maximize performance.

Mentioned In The Episode:

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The 5-6 questions Mike uses to tease out tendencies and habits from his athletes
  • How relaxation is trained as a skill and how to achieve a calm state
  • How past performance contributes to a performer’s present state of mind
  • How Mike defines motivation, and the 3 “keys” or components that make up how we motivate outselves
  • 2 examples of when the mental skills required to succeed in business overlap with sport
  • Imagery as a practice, and how it helps people achieve outcomes

Want to connect with Mike? Here’s how:

The Athlete Within You: A Mental Approach to Sport and Business by Mike Margolies