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🎧EP8: Lose Weight & Crush Obstacles W/ Mindcoach Vinny Shoreman

🎧EP8: Lose Weight & Crush Obstacles w/ mindcoach Vinny Shoreman

🎧EP8: Lose Weight & Crush Obstacles w/ mindcoach Vinny Shoreman

“It’s simple: I change what the person is focusing on.”


Vinny Shoreman is a mind coach and NLP/Hypnosis Practitioner. He helps people make massive changes in the areas of destructive habits, addiction, self-confidence, anxiety, depression and phobias.

This episode covers fascinating perspective shifts that Vinny uses to help clients reach their goals in areas such as focus, knowing what you want, and taking care of yourself first. Vinny works with demographics ranging from professional Muy Thai fighters to normal people looking to fix bad relationships.

His work and expertise has been featured on the likes of the Joe Rogan Podcast, which you can find in the show notes below.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How shifting focus is the most important step in reaching your goals.
  • The first thing Vinny does when working with a new client that is struggling or stuck.
  • The power of metaphors and stories, and how Vinny uses these in his teachings
  • How Vinny implements hypnotherapy into his practice for helping people achieve goals.
  • How his mentor Colin McKay influenced his coaching
  • What neuro-linguistic programming is and how it’s applied in coaching

Mentioned In This Episode:

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Vinny Shoreman offers powerful tools that will change your life, if you’re willing to listen.

Did Vinny’s expertise excite you or do you want to learn more? Let him know.

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