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Ben Kissam’s July 2017 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s July 2017 Goals Report

Each month, I post a detailed review of the progress I have made in that particular month towards my 2017 goals. These posts are intended to provide  insight on what I do to achieve my personal goals. My hope is that you will be inspired to take action towards your own goals by reading these reports.

July 2017 Biggest Wins

  1. Made $2,850 working odd jobs around my neighborhood.
  2. Ran a successful 5-day CrossFit Kids camp

3. Launched season 2 of The Coach K Show podcast.

July 2017 Biggest Losses

  1. Lack of time spent in my office left me behind on a few work-related projects.
  2. Nagging back injury has kept me from lifting heavy over the past month.

2017 Goals


By December 31, 2017…


1. Fill my coaching practice to capacity with contracted clients.

I spent 23 days of July working away from my office. I made a lot of money but didn’t have much time to sit down and coach.

If you’re interested, sign up for a discovery call. First 2 sessions are free.

2. 2x teaching income with paid coaching clients (either paid to date or contracted).

Well on my way to this goal. I’ve passed the one year mark of being unemployed as of this month. Through the halfway point of the year, I’ve set up 3 separate streams of monthly income that generate slightly over 100% of my teaching salary.

Continuing on with the “side hustles” that I mentioned last month, I wound up making $3,877 in 43 days working odd jobs this summer. Fortunately, much of the business has been repeat customers, so I’ll continue doing these jobs once school starts.

I’ll be putting together a post on BoredTeachers on how this side hustle business happened.

One of 30+ jobs I did during the month of July. The money is good.

3. Release a second product, service, or course that functions as another stream of passive income.

I’m going to leave this blank for this month. Updates to come.

4. Become a paid writer.

I achieved this goal in March when Goalcast hired me as a regular contributor.

5. Get hired as a teacher for the 2017-18 school year.

I achieved this goal in April when I was hired back on a part-time basis to teach middle school in the fall.

Some people leave the working world and never look back. Personally, I’m very excited to balance the two. I’ll run my business in the morning, and be in the trenches helping kids in the afternoons.

Higher Education

1. Finalize list and submit applications for grad schools (beginning fall of 2018).

To this point, I’ve only picked the 5 schools I will be applying to. Applications will begin in October.

The Coach K Show Platform

By December 31, 2017…


1.Release 35 podcast episodes.

As of writing this, season 2 rolled out this past wednesday, with EP 35: Upleveling a Life or Business w/ Heather Gray.

I’ve got 11 episodes recorded and am super excited to share them out.

2. Build and release The Coach K Show Spoon-Fed platform with 35 resources for new episodes.

Hoping to roll this out in the fall.

3. 50,000 or more downloads.

19,109 downloads to date.


1.Publish 50 new articles (daily grind posts not included) on website, Goalcast, Medium, and Soulspring.

  • 24 articles posted on Goalcast
  • 2 on Soulspring
  • 0 on Medium

Going to start writing on medium again this coming week.

24/50 articles published.


1. 5,000 or more followers.

When Instagress was removed from the platform I more or less gave up on Instagram. In 2016, Instagram worked wonders for new reach. I even gained a new coaching client right before I left for Europe. We’ll see what happens with this.

YouTube and other platforms

I’m open to a lot of growth on other platforms this year, but have learned from negative experiences about overcommitting. Whatever happens on other social media platforms will be a bonus.


To be updated.

Personal Development

By December 31, 2017…


1.Reach level 20 or higher on Duolingo in French.

I lost my streak at 171 days and haven’t gotten it back. Lot of work to go to get to 20.

2. Take a minimum of 3 personal French lessons.

Confusion with scheduling messed me up and I haven’t done my first lesson yet, but I will be starting these in August hopefully.


  1. Read or listen to 30 new books.
  • Elon Musk- Ashlee Vance
  • The 48 Laws of Power- Robert Greene
  • All Away and Right At Once- Greg Brenneman
  • The Coaching Habit: Say More, & Do Less
  • Meditations- Marcus Aurelius
  • The Inner Game of Work- Timothy Gallwey
  • Myers Briggs INTJ Workbook
  • Payoff by Dan Arieli

I’m working my way through 2 books at the moment.


1. Attend first professional conference or workshop.

I’ll likely be attending this in October down in Orlando.

2. Acquire 3 new business or entrepreneurial mentors.

1 out of 3 here. Monthly call that has been so impactful for my own personal development.


1. Move back to Denver, CO.

Drove across the country solo (don’t recommend it) and got settled back into the city I’ve lived in since 2014. Feels good to be back after 8 months of living and traveling all over the place.

Last night in Massachusetts.

2. Travel to 3 new U.S. cities.

  • Saratoga Springs, NY
  • Morgantown, WV
  • St. Louis, MO
  • New York, New York


3. Book a ticket for summer 2018 to an out-of-country destination (TBD).

Still haven’t decided where this will be. I will likely decide once I know my options for grad school.


By December 31, 2017…

1. Front squat 400lbs or more.

I tweaked my back at the beginning of July and did not lift very heavy throughout the month.

2. Deadlift 550lbs.

Doubt this one will happen, but we will see.

3. Bench press 300lbs or more.

Hit 275 again this month. Lots of pressing and benching to make up for the lower body injury.

4. Run 1-mile time trial in under 6 minutes.

I’ll get there.

5. Achieve goal bodyweight of 195lbs.

Still around 212lbs.

Thanks for reading my July 2017 Goals Report. Until next month!

– Coach K