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March 2018 Goals Report (w/ Data)

March 2018 Goals Report (w/ data)

Each month, I post a detailed goals report of the progress I have made that particular month towards my 2018 goals. These posts are intended to provide insight on what I do to achieve my personal goals. My hope is that you are inspired to take action towards your college goals by reading these reports.

Goals Reports In 2018

I’m taking a more in-depth approach to Monthly Goals Reports in 2018 by tracking 10-15 metrics daily throughout the year and sharing those data points with you at the end of each month.

The 13 metrics I tracked during March 2018 were:

  1. Articles published
  2. Word count (article must be published or sent to a client for WC to be logged)
  3. Writing income
  4. Odd job income
  5. Calories burned during training (using the MyZone MZ-3 belt and app to track this)
  6. Bodyweight (+/- 94.4kg)
  7. 1-hour classes coached
  8. Minutes of meditation
  9. Number of words journaled
  10. Pages read
  11. Cups of coffee consumed
  12. New Facebook Followers
  13. Total Hours Worked

March 2018 By The Numbers: Totals, Averages & Last Month Comparison

Articles Published Word Count Writing ($) Odd Jobs ($) Classes Coached Cups of Coffee
Total 20 19,321 $626.77 $1,225.00 92 91
Daily Average 0.66 644 $20.89 $42.24 3 3
Last Month’s Total 14 17,558 $323.37 $230.00 70 89
Plus/Minus +6 +1,763 $+303.40 +995.00 +22 +2


Calories Burned Weight (+94.4) Pages Read Meditation (Min) Journal (words) FB Followers
Total 7,897 N/A 56 17 1,069 33
Daily Average 315 2.24 .65 11.28 1.32
Last Month’s Total 10,577 92.0kg (-2.4kg) 643 221 3,780 115
Plus/Minus -2,680 -587 -204 -2,711 -82


Hours Worked
Total 219.5
Daily Average 7.3
Last Month’s Total 149
Plus/Minus +70.5

Biggest Wins/Losses


  1. Writing 2/3 of a 54-page blog business plan inspired by this post.
  2. Made $1851.77 in extra income working odd jobs and writing.
  3. Hiring a German teacher and picking up a lot of the language quickly.


  1. Barely read, meditated, or utilized any normal habits.

2018 Goals

College Goals

#1. Accept a conditional offer from 1 of 3 school options and begin taking coursework toward a Ph.D. in sport psychology.

I received an offer for grad school in February 2018. After getting rejected from my #1 choice in January, it felt good to get an offer.

I can’t officially cross this goal off until I’ve accepted anything. I spent a fair amount of time in March on the phone with the German consulate, so fingers crossed it all works out.

#2. Accept a TA or other funding opportunity that covers 100% of tuition.

See #1. Stay tuned!

#2a. Get a 4.0 GPA during the fall 2018 semester of school.

Not applicable until Q4.

coach k college


Coach K LLC

#3. Support myself financially through revenue generated by The Coach K Show blog (coaching, writing, affiliate marketing, book sales).

On average, my total income each month comes from 6+ sources.

In March 2018, I made money 5 different ways:

  1. Teaching part-time (fixed salary)
  2. Freelance writing
  3. Coaching CrossFit
  4. Working odd jobs
  5. Affiliate marketing through Amazon Associates

I won’t share the full breakdown of my teacher’s salary, personal coaching, and youth sports income on here. I will say that I made an extra $1851.77 simply working odd jobs and freelance writing.

This is a good chunk of change to throw on the top of my pile, and it’s why I recommend you start a side-business working odd jobs.

March 2018 was the exact opposite of February 2018: I made a lot of money but very much neglected other areas of life. PD was pretty much non-existent other than practicing German.

That’s been an insightful part of forcing myself to write these goals reports; by default, you track the time you lose spending it elsewhere.

#4. Make $15,000 in freelance writing income.

To achieve this goal, I need to make about $1,250/month from writing. In March 2018, I made $626.77.

This brings my year-to-date writing income total to $1,448.56 with an average of $482.85/month.

In truth, it took until now to realize that hitting the $15k mark might not be attainable. I’m making good money doing other things and once I start working towards college goals again, it’s going to be challenging.

Writing is fun, but it’s slow. So far this year, I’ve published or sold 65,753 words. This puts me on pace for 263,012 words in 2018. Breaking 300k words for the year would be cool.


#5. 2,500 or more likes on The Coach K Show Facebook page.

To achieve this goal, I’ll need to average 135 likes/month.

March 1: 1,029

March 31: 1,062

January 2018 Total: 33 likes

Since you’re reading this, perhaps you’ll help me out?

#6. Add 2,500 more people to my email list.

To achieve this goal, I’ll need to average 208 email subscribers/month.

March 2018 Total: 95 Subscribers

Again, perhaps you’ll consider helping me here?

Help me reach my yearly goals?

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weight loss college


#7. Weigh 189lbs or less.

I weighed in at 94.4kg (207.6lbs) to start the year. On February 26, I weighed in at 91.6kg, which was .4kg lighter than last month.

This means my current weight is about 201.5lbs.

I did not weigh myself once in March 2018.

In March, I burned 7,897 calories, according to the MyZone fitness app/belt. Honestly, I forgot once or twice, so that number should be higher.

Most of March, I participated/trained for the CrossFit Open. A few days of training fell through due to sports schedules.

#8. Bench press 315lbs.

At the beginning of 2018, I made a decision to focus less on training this year than in year’s past. Benching 315lbs seemed like a solid goal to keep progressing without spending hours in the gym.

Last year marked my 10 year anniversary of lifting weights. From high school training, college goals, to post-college fitness routines, things have changed very much but also barely at all.

I feel like I have to train. Not to be dramatic, but when I don’t, my life tends to fall apart.

Not training to compete has been a difficult adjustment. In fact, it’s probably done more harm than good.


The bug to train hard keeps biting and competing in the 2018 CrossFit open didn’t help. I’ve been dealing with some knee tendonitis, which has slowed me down. Hopefully, it’ll also give me time to evaluate.

#9. Run 1 mile in under 6 minutes.

If you look at my legacy goals, one of them is to be able to run a sub 6-minute mile when I’m 50. I’ve set the goal of running a sub 6-minute mile every year since 2013 and have only missed it once.

I did not attempt this yet. Not sure I can do it without some added cardio training for a few weeks leading up to it.

Typically, I wait until the last few weeks of the year (mostly because running a 1-mile time trial sucks). In December 2017, I got the flu and never got a chance to do it.

In December 2016, I posted a 5:57 mile on my Instagram.

extra money college students



#10. Pay off all extraneous debts by the beginning of Q2, including credit cards.

I filed my 2017 tax return in March and will get some money back. All of this will go to paying off my debts.

After I’ve made that payment, I should be close to paying off my last debt: the dreaded credit card.

During my “year off” to travel, I accumulated some debt. It’s slow, but it’ll be gone soon.

#11. Follows 2018 budget plan with 100% accuracy.

Part of writing my blog business plan meant mapping out time each week to budget and do some accounting work.

I’m going to stick with my Sunday Morning Meeting for now and see how things go.

#12.Bank $7k for graduate school expenses before the end of Q3.

I’ve got enough income from coaching clients between now and August that I might be able to 1.5x or double this number.

Personal Development

#13. Read 30 or more books.

I read 56 book pages in March 2018. A far cry from the 1,220 pages read in January and February.

Here are the books I’ve finished this year:


I’m currently reading:

#13a. “Book Dive” any books that are relevant to coaching, leadership, psychology or effectiveness.

The goal of a Book Dive is to put one big idea into action with 5-10 minute strategic reader’s digests from books on coaching, leadership, and psychology.

To help college students and student-athletes, I try to make these as actionable as possible. Hopefully, you enjoy them and they help you achieve your college goals.


Here are the book dives I’ve published in 2018:


Public speaking- either:

#14. Perform a 3 minute bit of stand up comedy at an open mic night.

Nothing to update here right now.

#15. Speak in front of 50 or more people (school does not count).

I wasn’t selected to speak at TedX Mile High in February, but I didn’t really try that hard either.

Foreign Language

#16. Become conversational in German.

I am likely moving overseas for grad school in the fall, and if all goes as planned, will live in Germany for the next 2 years.

In March 2018, I hired a German tutor. He gives me homework and that has really helped.

Some other German resources I’ve used include:

My goal is 30 or more minutes of practice per day with at least 10-15 minutes of listening to the language.

Sprechen Sie Deutsch? Let’s be friends. Email me at

Thank you for reading my March 2018 Goals Report!

Want to see where I was at this time last year?

In March 2017, I didn’t publish a Monthly Goals Report. I was living at home and trying to figure out what to do next after budget backpacking through Europe for 2 months.

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Want to get in touch? Learn more about coaching options, inquire about writing services, or get in touch with me here.

Until next month!

-Coach K