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Ben Kissam’s November 2016 Goals Report

Each month, I post a detailed review of the progress I have made in that particular month towards my 2016 goals. This post is intended to provide some insight on what I do to achieve my personal goals, and is in no way intended to boast or brag. My hope is that you will be inspired to take action towards your own goals by reading these reports.

Biggest Wins:

  1. Flying to London to begin a 5 month backpacking and travel experience.
  2. The Coach K Show surpassing 4,500 downloads.

Biggest Losses:

Fixes For Next Month:

Verdict on Last Month’s “Big 3” Goals:

  1. Produce 16 episodes of The Coach K show for the queue to be used when traveling.
  2. Acquire 1 new 1:1 coaching client.
  3. Launch The Coach K Show on YouTube and air 2 episodes.

My “Big 3” Goals by October 31, 2016:

Hey Goal Achievers,

I’m late to the ballgame getting this post up. I flew to London on December 1, 2016 to begin my travel experience and do not have my notes with me to put this post together. A lesson learned that preparation is always the key to success.

Anyway, December 2016 will be live in just a few days, and an end of year report will also go live at that time. I wish you and your family a happy holiday season!


-Coach K


Thanks for reading my November 2016 Goals Report. I publish these reports as a way to inspire others and  show people what it takes to reach real world outcomes. If I can ever add value to your life by helping you reach your goals, you can reach me directly at


Until next month!

– Coach K, Out.