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Ben Kissam’s October 2016 Goals Report

Ben Kissam’s October 2016 Goals Report

Each month, I post a detailed review of the progress I have made in that particular month towards my 2016 goals. This post is intended to provide some insight on what I do to achieve my personal goals, and is in no way intended to boast or brag. My hope is that you will be inspired to take action towards your own goals by reading these reports.

Biggest Wins:

  1. The Coach K Show surpassing 3,500 downloads.
  2. Being a guest on 4 other podcasts during the month of October.
  3. Becoming a contributing writer for Goalcast.
    1. Check out my first article here:How To Be ‘That’ Person Who Always Finds Success

Biggest Losses:

  1. Family emergency, which led to 2 weeks of very little work and a week of no podcasting during the third week of the month (major factor in the decrease in podcast downloads).

Fixes For Next Month:

  1. Honing in on my list of business and growth goals before November 30 (travel departure)

Verdict on Last Month’s “Big 3” Goals:

  1. Coaching Goals for the month:
    1. Finalize the Change How You Achieve coaching program.
    2. Acquire 3 new 1:1 coaching clients. (1 out of 3)
  2. Podcast goals for the month
    1. Schedule and record 10 new podcast interviews.
    2. Surpass 4,500 downloads of The Coach K Show. (1,000 downloads short)
    3. 25 or more 5 star ratings on the show. (16 out of 25)
  3. Launch The Coach K Show on YouTube and air 2 episodes.

My “Big 3” Goals by October 31, 2016:

  1. Produce 16 episodes of The Coach K show for the queue to be used when traveling.
  2. Acquire 1 new 1:1 coaching client.
  3. Launch The Coach K Show on YouTube and air 2 episodes.

OVERALL RATING FOR July 2016: 5/10


2016 Goals:


Physical goals include measurements of fitness, body composition, and various physical performances.

By December 31, 2016….

1.I will achieve a raw powerlifting total (bench/squat/deadlift) of 1300 or more.

Here’s a deadlift set at 425 for a double from the month of October. Not the most I’ve ever pulled, but the first time in over a year I’ve pulled 4 wheels for more than a single.

I will be pushing the heavy weights during the first week in November for final 2016 numbers.
2. I will snatch 215lbs+, and clean and jerk 285+.
Not sure where I’m at with the jerk, but here’s a triple at 255 with a hang power clean.

3. I will do a set of 20 or more strict pull-ups.

3 sets- 15, 13, 11. 20 may be tough, but I’m doing more strict pull-ups to try and catch up before the year is over.

As I’ve already said, if push comes to shove, I can always go hyper-speed and program pull-up ladders to get there.

4. I will run a mile in under 6 minutes.  DONE 9/28/2016

Going to be honest, I didn’t think I was going to get this one. I haven’t run more than 400m at a given time more than once or twice in 2016, but somehow I managed to squeak in just under 6 minutes.

Mile time: 5:57!

In previous months, I’ve explained how this is totally classified a “I’ve still got it” goal. There’s no logical reason for me to set a goal like this, but I usually err on the side of too ambitious.

5. I will complete a set of 4 unbroken muscle-ups


6. I will complete a set of 10 unbroken strict handstand push-ups.

I’ll mess around with these in October. I hit a set of 7 of these just goofing off a few days ago, so I’m close.

7. I will have achieved a body fat percentage of 10% or less and weigh between 190-200lbs.

I’ll need to do some things differently during the next 2 months if I am to hit this one. I lose weight very easily when I do fasted walks, so that might be something to consider this month.

8. Run at least 3 “Action Experiments” that cause me to adjust current habits that contribute to my physical health.

Here is Action Experiment #2: How I Lost 16.5lbs In 16 Weeks (and Got Stronger) w/ the MASS Protocol.

I have already put Action Experiment #3 into play. Stay tuned for a fun one.

Personal Development

  1. I will have traveled to at least 5 new places- countries, states, areas of the world- that I’ve never been to.

I was a homer during the month of October. No travel.

Current place of residency: Fort Collins, CO. I am here until November 7, before I drive to Boston and then fly overseas.

This goal is in the bag, it just won’t be achieved until later on in 2016. New places I’ve been to in 2016 also include:
  • Fort Myers, FL
  • San Francisco, CA
  • Aspen/Glenwood Springs, CO

2. I will have read 10 personal development books.

I did not read much of anything this month. I started a book called The Myth of Innovation by Scott Berkun, but have not gotten far with it yet.

3. I will have volunteered at least 3 times in various capacities.

Other than helping a few friends move, I have not done much volunteering this year.


Outside of my actual business, my financial goals measure my savings, planned purchases, and financial investments.

  1. I will save up enough money to backpack Europe and travel various parts of the world in the fall of 2016/winter of 2017.

No updates here. I am being very “thrifty” with my money at the moment.

I’m getting close to the goal of $6,500 I’d like to leave for Europe with.

2. I will have followed my wealth strategy plan (details to come in a later post) with 100% commitment.

I’m 100% as of late. Nothing to report here.

3. I will invest 10% of my 2016 income into an IRA fund.

Nothing to report here.


None to report this month. Can someone buy me this book that I found at the library?

I became a contributing writer for Goalcast during the month of October. I’ve been searching for a good medium to continue writing through (other than the blog), and Goalcast is a perfect fit.

Here is my first article.



Thanks for reading my October 2016 Goals Report. I publish these reports as a way to inspire others and  show people what it takes to reach real world outcomes. If I can ever add value to your life by helping you reach your goals, you can reach me directly at


Until next month!

– Coach K, Out.