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Hire Ben Kissam to write for your website.

Writing Portfolio

Client Work

BoredTeachers- Satire humor, teacher humor, education

Goalcast– Personal development, self-help, mindset strategies

TSBMagazine- Dating, sex, dating apps, lifestyle

Athletic-Muscle– CrossFit, fitness, nutrition

Elite Daily


The Coach K Show– sport psychology, college success tips

Medium- personal essays, college success tips

Author Links:


  • 5+ years experience writing about coaching, fitness and strength training, CrossFit, personal development, and entrepreneurship
  • 10 years of blogging experience
  • 4 years experience working in education
  • 9 years experience coaching youth sports (ages 5-18)

My exposure with current clients is around 12 million people (counted via cumulative Facebook likes)*

(Dec ’17)*

Ideal Clients:

  • Provide bio and links to my personal blog and social media*
  • Pay per word* (I am not interested in flat-rate payments or other arrangements)
  • Additional pay for any articles requiring extensive research*
  • Work in the industries listed above
  • Offer regular, consistent work- weekly, biweekly, or monthly assignments
  • Keep an open line of communication between writer and editor/manager


To inquire about availability and rates, or for samples of my work, please email me.